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Why Transmission Maintenance is Important

Why Transmission Maintenance is ImportantCar owners prioritize the maintenance of some parts over the others. Sadly, transmission is not one of them. We have often seen drivers worrying about getting the oil changed and going to professionals to get their tires rotated. Granted these things are necessary to keep the car in a good shape, but transmissions should not be ignored.

A lot of people don’t even know what automatic and manual transmitters need to function properly. Because of that, they don’t get it serviced, which can often lead to transmission failure. Transmission replacement will not only cause you inconvenience but will also cost you a lot of money.

In this article, we will give you all the necessary information you need to make sure your car’s transmission remains in top shape.

Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmission

Comparing manual and automatic transmission is like comparing day and night. Both these methods use different techniques to transfer the engine power. Automatic and manual transmission both use transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the internal parts of your car. However, transmission fluid is also needed by automatic transmissions to transmit power hydraulically. This causes the fluid to be more exposed to heat as compared to a manual transmission. This is why it is essential that you get regular transmission maintenance. Clean fluid will make sure your car keeps running smoothly and you don’t face any problems.

Maintenance of Automatic Transmission

You must be wondering, how often should you get your service done on an automatic transmission? Well, the answer to that question depends on the car you have. Some models need a filter change and a transmission flush ager every 20,000 miles. Other models can go 50,000 miles before you need to get them serviced. Get advice from a professional or check your owner’s manual to know how often you should get service done on an automatic transmission.

Effects of Driving Conditions on Transmission

Transmission fails due to excess heat. When driving in the warm weather, it is recommended that you don’t overload your vehicles as it causes strain on your car’s transmission.

Snow and mud can cause transmission issues as well. If your car gets stuck in mud or snow, you switch between “reverse” and “drive” frequently to get it out of the puddle. This causes the heat to build up in the transmission and causes it to fail.

Signs of a Failing or Weak Automatic Transmission

Usually, the transmission problems take a few months to appear. Most of the problems start in the summer months but don’t reveal themselves until the winter season. If you notice the “override” light or “check engine” light flashing in your car, get it checked immediately. Failure to get the transmission fixed can result in slipping, delayed shifts, and lack of power.

In a manual transmission, the signs appear differently. If you are facing difficulty changing the gear or hear a grinding noise, it is time for you to get it checked.

In order to avoid these problems, it is important that you check the transmission fluid regularly and get maintenance done after every few months.  Give Car Guys Auto Center a call to answer any questions you may have about maintaining your transmission.  We can be reached at (586) 285-4444.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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