New Tires For Sale Near Fraser, MI

You might be asking yourself what the difference between tires sold by Car Guys Auto Center and those offered by the big box stores are (i.e. Bell Tire and Discount Tire)? The difference is we don’t just sell you the tires that are in stock and on sale, we sell you the tires that are best for your situation, budget and vehicle. Our prices are comparable to and often unbeatable by the competition. Apple to apple, we sell you better tires for a better price. We also offer the same optional insurance as the big box stores.

Customers will sometimes come in with tires that are very worn in certain areas and profess how they have “Just had those tires replaced”, and come to find out they had purchased those brand new tires from a place like Discount Tire, the big box tire store that ONLY replaces tires. When you purchase from them you run the risk of a much more serious problem, like with your vehicle’s steering or suspension, going undiagnosed. This can cost you big bucks in the long run, with the same “tire trouble” often repeating itself. When you come to Car Guys for new tires, we don’t just sell them to you and send you out the door. We inspect the well-being of your vehicle and make sure that your wheel alignment, steering and suspension are in tiptop shape. We take note of and address potential problems so that you, the customer, aren’t just throwing money away for a set of tires that simply won’t hold up.

Car Guys Auto Center boasts an expansive tire inventory to meet every driver’s unique requirements and vehicle. We stock so many renowned tire brands it would be impossible to list them all here! Be sure to call us at (586) 285-4444.

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