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    I Have a Flat Tire – Now What?

    Flat tires can be a real pain. They never happen at a “good” time. As a matter of fact, a flat tire almost always happens when you are in a hurry, in a remote location, or on a busy highway. But what do you do when you get a flat tire, and how do you

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    When to Change Your Engine Oil

    One of the most important basic car maintenance activities is getting an oil change. For most cars, the longevity and performance of the engine is directly related to the engine oil. However, this is one of the most confusing maintenance activities for car owners. There are a ton of recommendations for how often engine oil

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    Springtime Car Maintenance

    As the winter here in southeast Michigan starts to come to an end, we all start thinking about the days when we can roll down our windows and enjoy a drive in the warmth of spring. Enjoying a springtime drive should start with some basic car maintenance activities that will get your car out of



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