Signs That Show It’s Time to Change Your Car’s Brakes

Signs That Show It’s Time to Change Your Car’s Brakes

Signs That Show It's Time to Change Your Car's BreaksIt is hard to imagine life without the comfort of cars and when it comes to cars, the brakes are one of the most critical components in this vehicle. They are essential to the safety of the vehicle and the safety of the people on the road. In general, vehicle owners are advised to change brakes after every 50,000 miles. Here are a few signs and signals that say it is time to change your vehicle’s brakes.

You Are Continually Hearing Sounds Coming from the Brake Pads

When it comes to a car’s brake pads, the most important warning sign is the noises coming from the brake pad. It is usual for brakes to make a squeaking sound in extreme weather conditions and specifically during the rainy season. However, if your vehicle’s brakes are making squeaking and squealing sounds even in routine weather conditions, it’s time to get the brake pads checked.

You Can Feel the Brake Pedals Vibrating

If lately, you have felt that your car’s brake pedals vibrate every time you press the brake pedal, chances are your brake pads have become old and worn out. Vibrating brake pedals can prove to be fatal and can even lead to accidents or mishaps. It is, thus, vital that you get your car checked by a professional immediately if you feel the brake pedals vibrating.

Your Car’s Brake Light Is On

Many cars have a sensor on the brake pad that becomes active when the brake pads become worn out. Thus, if your car’s brake light keeps turning on on its own, you must get an expert to check your car. Most likely, your car technician will tell you to replace the brake pads to solve the problem.

Your Brake Pads Appear Thin

In almost all car models, the brake pads are located in between the spokes of the car wheel. If you think something is wrong with your car’s brake pad, check the brake pads. If the brake pads appear thin (less than 1/4 inches in thickness), it’s time to replace the brake pads.

You Are Hearing a Deep Grinding Metal Sound

A deep grinding metal sign is, in most cases, yet another sign that your car brakes need to be replaced. This type of sound occurs as in most car models, small metal ridges are placed at the bottom of the brake pad to alert the driver in case of a problem with the brake pad. So, if you are hearing deep metal grinding noises, ask a car expert to check your car immediately. This sound could mean a lot of different things and not one of them is good.


A simple way to enhance the life of your car’s brakes is to rotate your tires every six months. However, if you feel you have been witnessing even one of the signs discussed above, immediately get your car checked by an expert. Not only will this help you save money in the long run, but it will also help you ensure your safety.

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