Is Your Car Damaged by A Pothole in Macomb County? Here’s How We Can Help

Is Your Car Damaged by A Pothole in Macomb County? Here’s How We Can Help

Is Your Car Damaged by A Pothole in Macomb County? Here's How We Can HelpIf you have had your car damaged by a pothole, this post is for you.

Most of us have seen the cartoon where a police officer pulls a driver over for swerving, and the latter promptly tells the officer that he was trying to avoid potholes. Even though it is funny, it’s a reality.

Potholes are almost everywhere. They get worse during winter, and every year it seems like there is not enough time during summer and spring to repair them before the winter season resumes. If you had the unfortunate luck of hitting a pothole, it may be a surprise for you. What is more surprising is its effect on the wheels, steering, tires, suspension, and alignment.

Decoding the Pothole Problem

Southeast Michigan and Macomb County are not the only ones encountering a pothole problem. States and communities nationwide are suffering a massive infrastructure crisis. With a decreasing number of taxpayer dollars being spent to replace and maintain roadways, potholes are becoming more common. And you know what that means for your car: more on-road damages and additional expenses.

Reporting the Pothole Damage

It is known to everyone who drives that a pothole can call for unwanted damage to the car. Small potholes can cause minimal damage but the big, deep, and nasty ones might wreak havoc on the vehicle, especially if it is not examined and fixed properly the first time. If you know about the signs of damage you need to inspect, you can examine the car by yourself. But for those readers who do not know what to look for you need to take the vehicle to an experienced mechanic. Besides, here are common damages to the car and tires that potholes may inflict:

-Damage to the wheel rim

-Tire puncture

-Steering misalignment

-Premature wearing of struts and shocks

-Damaged suspension components

-Exhaust system malfunction

Getting Rid of Tire and Wheel Malfunction

Wheels and tires almost always bear the brunt of pothole abuse. The most common damages include bulging sidewalls in case of tires and dented or badly bent wheel rims. In case you have hit a pothole quite hard, there is a possibility that you have blown out the tire or punctured it instantly. Fixing tire damages can start from getting over an ugly puncture to replacing the entire tire.

Most wheels are made of magnesium or aluminum meaning that they are highly prone to dents. Often dents cannot be fixed if they crack due to the usage of the porous material. If the rim or wheel cracks, it will need replacement. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution provider, get in touch with Car Guys Auto Center. They have a great collection of used, re-manufactured, and new wheel rims.

The Unseen Damage

You will likely be unaware of the steering and suspension trouble that potholes invite. Besides damage to wheels and to the tires, potholes can impair your vehicle’s steering and suspension mechanism. Your car may need replacement of part of sway bars, shocks, struts, or even a total realignment. If a pothole is quite deep, it can damage the engine’s underside or the car’s exhaust system. Such repairs are undoubtedly costly and your car may take a few days to be repaired.

Tips for Avoiding Pothole Damage

How do you bypass costly repairs caused due to pothole damage? Honestly, avoiding potholes should be your main goal. Here are simple steps to keep your vehicle away from potholes:

-Maintain tires at their optimal pressure. The tires are an essential part of your vehicle’s suspension, so maintaining them at the right pressure will not just protect the tires and wheels from potential pothole damages but also safeguard the steering as well as suspension.

-Keep sufficient distance between your car and the one in front of yours. This will help you see a pothole and avoid it.

-Slow down, especially if you are driving when it is wet and/or dark as in such conditions, potholes are difficult to spot. If you are not driving too fast, you can avoid potholes and thereby, minimize damage.

If you have hit a pothole in Southeast Michigan and Macomb County and are seeking repair service, do connect with the top car repair service provider in Fraser!

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