How Cold Weather Impacts Your Tires

How Cold Weather Impacts Your TiresTire air pressure is an important factor to consider in winter driving conditions. Cold temperatures can cause a decrease in tire pressure, which can affect vehicle handling and safety.

Here are key points to remember regarding tire air pressure in winter:

  1. Check tire pressure regularly: Cold temperatures can cause air pressure to drop by 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10°F drop in temperature. Check tire pressure regularly and make adjustments as necessary.
  2. Use the recommended tire pressure: Always refer to the owner’s manual or the tire placard on the driver’s side door frame to determine the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.
  3. Check tire pressure when tires are cold: Before checking tire pressure, make sure the tires are cold. Tires that have been driven on for even a short distance can cause an increase in air pressure due to heat build-up.
  4. Maintain proper tire pressure: Proper tire pressure is essential for safe and efficient winter driving. Under-inflated tires can cause decreased handling and increased stopping distances, while over-inflated tires can cause a harsh ride and reduced traction.
  5. Consider tire pressure monitoring systems: Some vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that alert drivers when tire pressure falls below a certain level. This can be helpful in ensuring proper tire pressure during the winter months.
  6. Adjust tire pressure for winter conditions: Depending on the type of winter tires you have, you may need to adjust the tire pressure. Some winter tires are designed to be used at a lower air pressure, which can improve traction on snow and ice.

In conclusion, proper tire air pressure is crucial for safe winter driving. Regularly checking tire pressure and making adjustments as necessary can help ensure optimal performance and safety on the road during the colder months.


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