Has Your Car Been Damaged by a Pothole In Macomb County? Here’s What You Need to Do

Has Your Car Been Damaged by a Pothole In Macomb County? Here's What You Need to DoHere’s an easy guide to help if your car is damaged by a pothole in Macomb County:

Decoding the Pothole Issue

Macomb County and Southeast Michigan are not the only places that face pothole issues. With a decreasing number of taxpayer dollars being spent on maintaining roadways, potholes appear to be more common. This means an increasing number of on-road damages and unforeseen expenses.

Reporting the Pothole Damage

Small potholes cause minimal damage but the deep, big ones may wreak havoc on the vehicle, particularly if it’s not inspected and fixed the first time. If you know about the signs of damage, you can examine the car by yourself. But for those who do not know what to look for, you must take the vehicle to a reliable mechanic. Here are some common damages that potholes can result in:

  • -Damages to the wheel rim
  • -Tire punctures
  • -Steering misalignments
  • -Premature wearing of shocks and struts
  • -Damaged suspension components
  • -Exhaust system malfunction

Getting Rid of Wheel and Tire Malfunction

Wheels and tires mainly bear the brunt of pothole abuses. The common damages include bulging sidewalls in the case of tires and bent wheel rims. In case you’ve hit a pothole hard, there is a possibility that you have blown out the tire or instantly punctured it. Fixing tire damages can start from getting over a puncture to replacing the whole tire.

Most wheels are made of aluminum or magnesium, which are prone to dents. Often dents cannot be fixed if they crack, owing to the use of porous material. If the wheel or rim cracks, it will need replacement. If you are looking for a solution provider, connect with Car Guys Auto Center.

The Unseen Damage

You will likely be unaware of the steering and suspension trouble that potholes invite. Besides damages to wheels and tires, potholes can impair your car’s steering and suspension mechanism. Your car may need replacement of parts of shocks, struts, sway bars, or even a complete realignment. A deep pothole can damage the underside of the engine or the car’s exhaust system. Such repairs are costly and your car may take some days.

Tips for Avoiding Pothole Damage

Here are simple steps to keep your vehicle away from pothole damage:

  • Maintain tires at optimal pressure. The tires are a key part of the vehicle’s suspension, so maintaining them at the right pressure will not just protect the tires and wheels from possible pothole damages but safeguard the steering and suspension.
  • Maintain sufficient distance between your car and the one that’s before yours. This will help notice a pothole. Once you see it, you can avoid it.
  • Slow down, especially when driving when it’s wet or dark. In such conditions, potholes are hard to spot. If you are not driving too fast, you can avoid potholes and thereby reduce damage.

If you hit a pothole in Macomb County and Southeast Michigan and are seeking repair services, connect with a car repair service provider in Fraser.

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