Effective Tips To Help Prolong Your Car’s Exhaust System’s Lifespan

Effective Tips To Help Prolong Your Car's Exhaust System's LifespanYour car’s exhaust system is one of its most important components. After all, it’s the device that handles the waste from your engine and can directly impact your car’s performance.

Until recently, exhaust systems featured low-quality materials. And this, in turn, resulted in these systems corroding and getting damaged quite easily after only a few years of service. But thanks to the advent of technology, today’s car exhaust systems are designed with top-notch materials that are highly durable. However, there are still a couple of things you would want to do to prolong the lifespan.

Know and understand how your car’s exhaust system operates:

If you really want to extend the lifespan of your car’s exhaust system, you must first know and understand how this system operates. If you have been keen enough, you might have seen water coming out of your car’s exhaust car. But have you ever bothered to know why this occurs? Below is an explanation of this phenomenon:

In the morning hours, your car’s exhaust system is usually cold. And this is what makes both the carbon dioxide and water from the combustion of the fuel to condense over the muffler. And when you immediately switch your car on, the condensed water will inevitably mix with the fuel, forming an acidic substance. If left unattended to, this particular substance can potentially damage your vehicle’s vital components.

So, what should you do to prevent this acidic substance from causing extensive damage to your car’s parts? The most important thing you should do is to ensure you don’t use your car for short trips. In case you didn’t know, short trips deny your vehicle the chance to warm up properly, which in turn, results in water vapor on the muffler failing to completely dry out. What’s more, longer trips allow your vehicle to register relatively better fuel efficiency.

Other proven car maintenance tips:

Now that you have extensive knowledge about this common issue that causes damage to millions of vehicle exhaust systems annually, let us highlight some of the other factors that can also cause damage to your car’s exhaust.

  • Failing to pay attention to the engine light: Anytime your engine lights turn on, it simply means that something isn’t right with your engine. Unfortunately, most people usually don’t examine their car’s engine lighting, choosing to drive the car anyway. And in most instances, it results in damage to the car’s exhaust unit. What’s more, most car owners usually ignore the flashing of the engine light. It’s imperative to note that ignoring this could easily result in damage to your car’s catalytic converters. And catalytic converters will not only cause extensive damage to your car’s exhaust pipes when damaged but are equally very costly!
  • Conduct routine car maintenance: Regular car maintenance is arguably the best way to enhance your car’s exhaust unit. Over time, it’s inevitable that your car’s exhaust unit will experience damage. And this is why you are strongly advised to conduct regular exhaust system maintenance not only to ensure it remains in tip-top condition but to extend its lifespan as well.

As you may have realized, maintaining your car’s exhaust isn’t a difficult task. It is a fairly simple process that only requires you to know how a car’s exhaust unit functions, what can cause damage to the unit as well as what you need to do to keep it in great working condition.

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