5 Signs That Tell You There Is Something Wrong with Your Car’s Transmission Fluid

5 Signs That Tell You There Is Something Wrong with Your Car’s Transmission Fluid

5 Signs That Tell You There Is Something Wrong with Your Car's Transmission FluidTransmission control is an essential component of a car and thus, car owners must add the highest-quality transmission fluid to their vehicle. In most cases, car owners think about changing their car’s transmission fluid after they have driven the car for at least a few thousand miles and that is also often the right thing to do. However, it is not uncommon to find oneself in situations when changing transmission fluid before completing the designated number of miles becomes necessary. In this article, we discuss some of the signs that say it is time to change your car’s transmission fluid.

You Find Shifting Gears Difficult

The transmission fluid plays a deterministic rule in defining how easily and smoothly you can shift gears. If dirt and muck have made their way into your car’s transmission, shifting gears will become difficult. However, this problem is more prominent in manual cars than automatic cars. If you have a manual car and you have been finding it hard to switch gears, it is highly likely that your transmission needs flushing and fluid replacement.

You Have Been Experiencing Low Hydraulic Power

When the transmission becomes choked with dirt and sludge, the flow of the transmission fluid within the system becomes hindered, leading to a condition of insufficient fluid, which in turn, leads to low hydraulic power. If your car has an optimal amount of transmission fluid and yet you have been experiencing low hydraulic power, the culprit, most likely, is a transmission filled with dirt and sludge.

Your Car Has Been Registered Surging Movements

As discussed above, a dirty transmission restricts the movement of the transmission fluid, which causes the car to surge and jump without any reason while on the go. If you have been experiencing car surging, have an expert take a look at your car’s transmission.

You Have Been Hearing Strange Sounds

The dirt and sludge present in transmission also manifest themselves through audible grinding sounds. This sound is very similar to the sound you hear when your car has low fluid levels. If you have been constantly hearing grinding sounds, check your transmission fluid. Red-colored fluid means everything with your car’s transmission is fine and the problem exists somewhere else in the vehicle. However, if you see the fluid has turned brown, it means the transmission has become contaminated. The only way to treat the problem, in this case, is to flush out the liquid.

Your Car Stalls When You Start It

Delay in movement is very often a sign of some problem with the transmission. If you think your car has been stalling before picking up movement, you must get your transmission fluid checked immediately. When the transmission becomes dirty, it causes the car to register slow movement when you start it.

The Final Word

Car owners must learn to stay cautious and read early signs of potential problems as these signs can help them save big money in the long run. If you see any of the signs discussed above, immediately call an expert and ask them to check your car’s transmission.

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