You know it’s time for new brakes when . . .

Brake Repair - Near Fraser, MIWe all know that it’s best to preempt a problem before it becomes a hazardous, budget-blowing expense and inconvenience. And this is especially lily true when it comes to your car.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle should be an ongoing priority. And this extends beyond oil changes, which of course, is vital to your car’s performance.

From a safety viewpoint, your brakes rank right at the top for proper maintenance. This means that when you learn how to recognize there’s something not right with your brakes, you’re on your way to staying safer on the road and saving yourself from expensive brake repair work down the road. But in addition to the expense, ignoring unusual brake noise or performance for an extended period of time can lead to a breakdown on the road or an accident.

So, how do you know when it’s time to give your brakes professional attention?

Here are 5 indicators that your car is need of brake care and attention.

1 – A puddle of thick, yellowish oil. When you see this, take your car to a professional brake repair facility immediately. Granted, brake fluid looks like motor oil but remember, it’s more yellow, less brown and it’s thick, as in a denser form of oil.  If your car is leaking brake fluid, you’re approaching a hazardous situation – you’re putting yourself and all the drivers sharing the road with you at risk.

2 – Complete stops are more difficult. If you notice coming to a complete stop is not smooth and natural or you’re pressing down harder and harder on the brake pedal in order to decrease your speed and reach a full stop, your brake pads could be the culprit. At the first sign of struggling – even a little – to reach a complete stop and your giving your car more distance before you stop, it’s time for an inspection of the brake pads and brake line.

3 – The car pulls to the side when braking. Pay attention to what happens to how well your car is controlled when coming to a stop. If you feel a pull to either side, this could be brake fluid or brake line related.

4 – Vibration on the brake pedal or your steering wheel when coming to a stop. Any type of pulsation or vibration when using the brake pedal is likely related to brake rotors. They can become damaged and warped with use. When your brake pads aren’t’ pushing against s surface that’s smooth, vibration will occur. This is the time to seek a professional brake repair technician’s attention.

5 – An unpleasant smell when using your brakes in normal situations. Similar to rubber when it’s burning, the odor of worn-down brakes is impossible to miss. When you notice this odor during everyday driving situations, accept that it’s probably time for new brake pads. Give serious consideration to high-quality brake pads. If this happened once, it could likely happen again. Quality brake pads will help mitigate this occurrence.

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