Winterization of Vehicles Before the Peak Season

Winterization of Vehicles Before the Peak SeasonHarsh weather conditions are neither good for living beings nor for inanimate valuables. Whether it’s your home or car, it needs a protection against extreme weather conditions to serve its useful life. We are in the middle of November, and in a few days, the extreme winter spell will be upon us. Before the temperature dips to freezing levels, it is the right time to prepare your vehicle for extreme winter.

‘Winterization’ of vehicles doesn’t only extend their operating lives, but it also proves to be a lifesaver for the people using it. Winterization of vehicles entails multiple things. Let’s find out.

Conduct regular maintenance

Winterization of your car starts with keeping up with its regular maintenance. A complete maintenance overhaul just before peak winter is important because many car owners keep neglecting these minor yet important issues during summer. It is important to check, change or top up the engine oil, brake oil, coolants, and transmission fluids. Many people might see it as an overkill to have such a broad inspection all at once. However, it will pay off in the long run and beyond winters.

Besides that, it is essential to examine the brakes. Cracked or warped rotors and worn out pads must be replaced if you are not going to park your car during winter.

Also, make sure that all the lights and windshield wipers are in optimal working condition. This is particularly true for fog lights. Replace the wiper blades if they are six months old. Wiper blades have to do some heavy-duty work during the season in case of snowfall.

Inspect Tires

You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of a snow-laden freeway with stuck wheels. For that matter, inspect the tires regularly. Bald and dry-rotted tires can’t move through unplowed snow. If that’s the case, you can opt for specially-built winter tires, which are made from specially treated and processed rubber compounds that offer maximum resilience to low temperatures. Winter or snow tires also provide exceptional road grip that becomes really important when one has to drive on slippery winter roads.

Protect the Interior

You certainly don’t want to damage the car interior during winter. And yes, a car interior can also bear the brunt of extreme weather condition if you have to constantly duck in and out of the car. Get all-weather mats to prevent the mess of ice and mud. Also, cover your seats with insulations to protect them from snow and ice residues.

Take care of the heating system

If you have to do a lot of driving during the season, then the heating system of the vehicle must function at its best. So, have it serviced before the peak season. Otherwise, be prepared for an uncomfortable driving experience because of a frosty steering and transmission.

As an emergency preparation, put a blanket, flashlight, jumper cable, water gloves, and a small shovel in the car. Also, keep a couple of energy bars in the dashboard.

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