Windshield Repair: What You Should Know?

Windshield Repair: What You Should Know?The windshield is one of the most critical parts of a car as it ensures passenger safety. Needless to say, the importance of a maintaining a windshield cannot be understated.

In this post, you will learn when to you should repair or replace the windshield of your car.

About the Car’s Windshield

A car’s windshield is nothing more than glass. It is made up of two composite glass with a laminate, usually vinyl plastic placed between the layers.  The laminate holds the outer and inner layers of the glass together. While it may look unbreakable, but the fact is that it can break from pressure, resulting in cracks over time.  Considering the extent of damage, you may need to replace or repair your car’s windshield. As with other components of your car, you must hire a professional for immediate repair or replacement.

Should I Repair or Replace the Windshield

Whether you repair or replace your car’s windshield, it will depend on the extent of the damage. In case of a minor crack, replacement isn’t necessary as a professional auto technician can easily repair the cracked windshield.  But that doesn’t mean that you ignore minor chips or cracks. The longer you wait to repair a cracked or chipped windshield, the more damage it will face and the costlier repair costs will be.

Repairing a minor crack or chip will take no more than half an hour in a professional repair shop. However, if the crack is deep, the time and cost required for fixing the damaged areas will be more.  If the crack is deep enough and reaches the windshield’s middle layer, the auto repair technician will widen the area with a drill to allow the resin to reach the middle area.  Note that repair work must be carried out only once all the dust particles surrounding the cracks have been removed. Most auto repair technicians use a small vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

In case the crack is too large or too deep, your auto technician may recommend you to replace the windshield altogether.

What are the Risks of Driving with a Cracked Windshield?

You need to get your windshield repaired immediately. A cracked windshield is not just a minor aesthetic cosmetic issue.  A windshield with even a minor crack can be shattered due to an object striking the glass, fluctuation in temperature or dust entering the crack. This can cause visibility and safety problems for the driver and passengers in the car.  When a crack appears, contact a reliable auto repair company.

If you ignore the problem, it can get worse. On the other hand, if you get it resolved quickly, you could save a lot of money and trouble later on.

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