WHY IS A COOLANT IMPORTANT FOR THE ENGINE?The importance of engine coolant cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining the efficiency and performance of a vehicle. Engines generate heat when fuel ignites in the combustion chamber, causing components to make contact and create friction. Some engines run hotter than others due to a lack of coolant. In this article, we will explore why coolant is essential for the engine and the potential consequences of not using it.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding vehicle maintenance is the frequency of engine coolant replacement. While some car manufacturers recommend changing the coolant every 30,000 miles, others do not even provide this information on the vehicle maintenance list.

The absence of coolant can have a significant impact on the engine’s lifespan, especially with newer models that have more powerful engines like the Toyota Hiace or Ford Ranger Raptor. Without coolant, friction heat accumulates in the engine components, which can cause problems such as misalignment of the pistons, marring of the cylinder, misfiring, and ignition failure.

In countries like the Philippines, some car owners may use water instead of coolant to keep the engine cool. However, this practice is only acceptable for cars with older engines. The use of water instead of coolant can significantly shorten the engine lifespan in newer models.

If a car is run without coolant, the engine can overheat and cause stalling, as the electronic control unit (ECU) can shut down the engine when it exceeds the optimal temperature range. Overheating can cause significant damage to the engine and require a complete overhaul to restore it to working condition.

It is crucial to use the correct coolant-to-water ratio when adding coolant to the engine. Experts recommend a 50:50 ratio of coolant to water. Pouring coolant directly into the radiator without diluting it with water can damage the engine. Coolants are relatively inexpensive and readily available, making them an essential component of proper engine maintenance.

In summary, using coolant in the engine is critical to maintaining its efficiency and performance. It protects engine components from heat damage and prevents overheating, stalling, and other engine problems. Coolant should be added to the engine with the correct coolant-to-water ratio to avoid engine damage.

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