When and How to Use an Auxiliary Battery

When and How to Use an Auxiliary BatteryIt does not matter if your car runs on gas, petrol or diesel, it will mandatorily have a battery. All vehicles need a battery to power the engine. More importantly, the battery provides energy to all the other components of a car when the engine is not running. Since the battery supports many different functions, many cars have more than one battery. For example, most electric cars, these days, carry the main battery that powers the engine and an auxiliary battery that power that car’s audio system, interior lights, refrigerator, and other components. However, there are many things that the auxiliary battery alone cannot take care of.

Various Uses of an Auxiliary Battery

An auxiliary battery can be used to serve many functions. We discuss some of them here.

Powering the Audio System

Good audio systems carry powerful amplifiers and other heavy components that need high power and therefore, a batter to work, especially when the engine is not running.


If you enjoy tailgating, then you will mandatorily need an auxiliary battery to power radio, cooking equipment, and any other thing that you might need to build up the atmosphere.


If you are someone who enjoys camping, you will benefit greatly from having an auxiliary battery in your car. With an auxiliary battery, you will be able to easily connect your converter to your car. More importantly, the auxiliary battery will ensure that the car’s engine starts up when it’s time to head back home.

However, Here’s When an Auxiliary Battery Won’t Work

If you are planning to install your auxiliary battery to support your primary or main battery, but if your main battery isn’t working properly, the auxiliary battery won’t work. In simple words, if your car doesn’t start because your main battery isn’t working, adding an auxiliary battery won’t solve the problem. A battery that won’t charge only indicates a problem within itself and thus, in this case, one must replace the primary battery and not get an auxiliary battery.

Here’s What You Can Do Protect Your Car’s Battery

If you want to increase the life of your battery, you must ensure there is no parasitic drain within the system. Continually keep checking your battery for parasitic drains. While you can do this with the help of a test light, having a good ammeter will provide you with more accurate results. In case you find a drain in the battery, take care of the problem immediately.

Similarly, if you find that your alternator’s life has reduced, it is mostly because you have been using your battery for a long time and therefore, it is time to change your battery.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Installing an Auxiliary Battery

If you are planning to install an auxiliary battery, the first thing you must know is that an auxiliary battery is always installed in parallel to the main battery. In simple words, when you install the auxiliary battery, make sure that both the negative terminals are connected to the ground and the negative terminals are connected to each other with the help of an in-line fuse. That apart, also make sure to install the auxiliary battery in a safe space, such as the engine compartment or within a battery box.

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