What is the right oil change schedule for you and your car?

What is the right oil change schedule for you and your car?

How Often to Change Car OilWhile every car owner knows that they have to get their oil changed. Oil changes are vital to a car’s performance and longevity. Furthermore, if oil changes aren’t conducted properly and regularly as prescribed, the warranty on the car could be voided.

Historically, every new driver was taught to get their car’s oil changed every 300 miles or three months. But, apparently, that’s not categorically true anymore. Today, it’s reported that many newer cars can go a lot longer before they need an oil change.

Now, keep in mind, if you’re a bit too diligent and get your car’s oil changed every three months because that’s what you’ve been taught, not to worry. You won’t do your car any harm, but it may not do it any further good either. Basically, you might be spending too much time and money unnecessarily.

So, the bottom line is that having to change your oil periodically is the only knowledge that everyone agrees upon. But that’s where the agreement ends. In other words, there are a lot of mixed messages and perhaps misguided advice regarding just how often you should get your oil hanged.

One of the main reasons why this information isn’t set in stone for every car and driver is because every car, driver, and driving habits are unique to the individual. For that reason, the answer to your question: “How often should I change the oil in my car?” is based entirely on your car, your driving habits, and your routes.

What determines how often you should change your car’s oil?

There are different intervals for changing your car’s oil. Which one pertains to you and your car depends on how often, how fast, and how many miles you put on your car each month.

Every 1000 miles versus every 3000 miles

Believe it or not, some drivers are encouraged to get their oil changed every 1000 miles. This pertains to those drivers who only habitually drive no more than 10 miles per outing. This is the person, for example, who only goes to the post office and grocery store in their local town. These folks should change their oil even more often than every 3000 miles.

Also, these people should get their oil changed two times a year, even if they only put 500 miles a year on their car. Oil lessens in quality and integrity over time, so it needs to be changed regardless of mileage in this case.

Changing your oil every 3000 miles is getting a bit of a bad rap in that it’s said this was “invented’ by oil change service facilities so they could increase their regular business. But, for those who have a car model that is older, the 3000-mile regimen is a good one to follow.

Every 5000 – 7500 miles 

In most car owner’s manuals today, car owners are advised to get their oil changed every 5000 – 7500 miles. This is becoming more common through your individual driving habits and routes should be considered before you adopt this interval.

The overall determinant for when to change your oil is how far you drive each outing and what types of roads you drive on. You need to put some highway miles on your car every so often or your engine won’t’ become hot enough to rid of the condensation that accumulates.

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