What Happens If Oil Change Is Not Done On Time?

What Happens If Oil Change Is Not Done On Time?

What Happens If Oil Change Is Not Done On Time?If you are someone with even little or zero mechanical knowledge, even you probably are aware that it is not wise to delay scheduled oil replacements. Your thoughts are right. Let’s explore why.

First, let us discuss the role of oil. An engine cannot operate without oil. Just as blood gets circulated throughout our bodies, oil circulates throughout the motor, enabling each part to carry out its functions. It carries necessary substances to parts, helping the entire system to work.

The most important function of oil is to offer lubrication. If parts are not properly lubricated, they result in heat formation. Excessive heat calls for trouble.

What happens when a metal grinds against another metal with no oil for lubrication and dissipating the heat? The parts melt and then, weld to one another. This is amalgamation. In engines, it is also known as seizing. In such a case, you might have to replace your motor.

If there is sufficient oil, can I not add more to it instead of replacing it?

Oil passes through several parts. In this process, it collects fragments of grit, metal, and dirt. It picks up soot. The oil filters these particles. It enables the engine to run for miles in between oil replacement. Eventually, the filter gets blocked with debris, reaching the end of life.

How frequently should I replace the oil?

Refer to the owner’s manual to get the exact date to schedule your oil change date. You must also see which oil is most appropriate for the vehicle. It is imperative to use the right oil.

What are some of the benefits of getting oil replaced when it is supposed to be replaced?

  • The chances of keeping the engine clean are higher
  • Engine lifespan will get extended
  • You will be able to prevent unforeseen engine damages
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Higher possibility of passing emissions test
  • Your car is unlikely to release excessive pollution
  • The car will function better
  • You will be able to prevent costly damages

Something may be wrong with your car if it requires more frequent services. Even if you recently changed the oil and/or other fluids, do not ignore the warning signs. These could signal issues with the vehicle’s fluids or even a leak.

What are the signs that oil in the vehicle needs replacement?

  • Ticking or unusual knocking noises
  • The oil pressure light
  • The warning light that indicates oil level
  • Check the engine light
  • You check the oil the conventional way and it appears like thick Coke
  • The reminder sticker on the vehicle window
  • Noticeable change in car performance

Other than the motor oil, you may also need a replacement of other fluids in the vehicle. That is truly quite a lot to track. To get over the hassle, hire professionals.

You can take a look at the oil change services we provide or give us a call to consult one of our service advisors. Our team would love to schedule a date for an end-to-end maintenance check.

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