What are the signs that you need to replace your CV joint?

When to Replace a CV JointJust like with most mechanical parts, constant-velocity (CV) joints are subject to normal wear and tear. Deterioration can also be due to abuse. Your CV joint will give warnings, which require your attention. Below we share some of the common signs that it’s time to get a new CV joint.

Grease leakage

If you see grease spills on the wheel or tire of your vehicle, then that’s a clear sign that the boot is torn and needs replacement. When a CV joint has seen significant damage, the grease leaked on to the rim or wheel’s interior will appear darker.

Weird loud turning noises

A CV joint that is worn out or damaged will make easily heard popping or clicking noises, especially during tight turns or maneuvers. You might need to replace the CV joint and the whole shaft assembly, depending on the extent of the damage.

Knocking sounds should not be ignored as well. They could be signaling a bad CV joint. A replacement will be necessary if the noises get louder when you accelerate and decelerate your vehicle.

A vehicle has extra bounce or sway

A bouncing vehicle can be stressful and annoying. If your car keeps on bouncing around even on a flat surface, the best course of action is to visit the nearest auto repair shop as soon as possible. The CV joint may be to blame for the turbulent ride.

Strong vibrations

Does your vehicle shake and vibrate more than usual? Do the vibrations intensify as the speed increases? Well, you should budget for a new CV joint. Driving can become a hassle because excessive vibrations will be felt through the brake pedal, steering wheel, and seat.

If you accelerate too fast, you risk losing control of your car. You will put yourself, other drivers, and road users in danger. That’s a reason enough to ensure the issue is fixed as fast as possible.

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