Transmission Fluid: Why It’s Important and Why Change It

Transmission Fluid: Why It's Important and Why Change ItIs your car having less power lately? If that’s the case, immediately think that the engine is experiencing a problem and needs an oil flush. The car’s transmission system can be a culprit too. This is an issue that most car owners overlook.

The transmission transfers the power of the engine to the wheels. Thus, if it’s not maintained well, the car can display a decrease in torque or speed even if its engine is in great condition.

A transmission fluid change is the easiest method for you to ensure the car’s transmission system is healthy. So why do you need to change it? Know some of the reasons in this article.

Why Is The Transmission Fluid Important and Which Specific Mileage Do You Change It?

In automatic and manual vehicles, the changing of one gear to the next is done mechanically. This means that the gears work in tandem with the automatic gear selector (automatic cars) and gear stick ( manual cars). Since it’s mechanical, friction and heat are produced.

The transmission fluid is there to reduce the friction and heat once the parts of the transmission system get themselves to work. It ensures that each component only slides and doesn’t bang with each other. Without transmission fluid, the gears can warp or crack.

If you own a manual vehicle, change the transmission fluid once the mileage reaches 30,000 – 60,000 mileage. Automatic vehicle, conversely, is more demanding. It needs a transmission fluid change every 30,000 mileage.

How Does Your Car Tell That It Needs A Transmission Fluid Change?

A lot of issues arise once the transmission fluid needs replacement. Here are some that you have to watch out for.

Delayed Gear Shifting

Worn-out transmission fluid doesn’t necessarily make gear shifting hard. However, it might decrease the responsiveness of the transmission system. Without a good lubricant, the gears and gear stick or gear selector can’t move properly. When this happens, you might experience a delay in gear shifting. While driving, this feels like a brief lag when shifting from one gear to the next or a “dead air” so to speak.

A Constant Clucking Sound When Changing Gears

Is there a clucking sound whenever your change gears? If that’s the case, get a transmission fluid replacement right away. A clucking sound means that gear sets are punching each other. What causes this is the degradation of the chemicals that makes the transmission fluid slippery for the gears.

A Slight Whirring Sound

Old transmission fluid allows sludge to develop on the gears of the transmission system. This sludge can cause a slight whirring sound when any of the gears are working. This isn’t that much of an issue. Nevertheless, it can develop into the previous problems. That’s why get a transmission fluid replacement right away.


The transmission fluid is also responsible for taking the heat off the transmission system. That’s why when it turns bad and not replaced, overheating of the transmission system might occur. Overheating is very problematic. It damages most parts of the transmission system and might require the entire system to be replaced.


Changing the transmission fluid is a simple and kind gesture that you should do for your car. That’s why you shouldn’t be lazy to do it. Remember transmission fluid replacement is cheap. But the consequences for failing to do it can be costly.

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