Top Five Signs Your Car Requires A Transmission Flush

Top Five Signs Your Car Requires A Transmission FlushIn most cases, it is alright if you replace the transmission fluid of your car after it has driven a few thousand miles. However, sometimes you may need to do it sooner. Supervising and maintaining the transmission is a crucial aspect of your car. And remember that adding transmission fluid of low quality will make things worse. If you are not sure when to get a transmission flush, here are five common signs to look out for as indicators:

Your Transmission Is Making Strange Noises

A contaminated transmission produces an unusual, grinding sound like the one that occurs when the fluid levels are low. If you hear such sounds, check the car’s transmission as well as the fluid color. If the color is bright red, it signals that things are fine. But if the color is brown, then there are chances of it being contaminated. In the latter case, you may need to flush out the transmission fluid.

You Are Having Trouble Shifting Gears

If your transmission fluid has a lot of grease, sludge, or dirt, you will most likely observe outcomes similar to what happens when there is inadequate transmission fluid. On the other hand, it becomes easier to shift gears when your transmission is clean.

Since the cleanliness of your car’s transmission influences the ease with which you can drive, it is imperative to keep it clean. If you own a manual car and are encountering problems while changing gears, you need to check your car’s transmission without any delay. The chances are that it needs to be flushed, and the fluid may need replacement.

You Observe Signs of Low Hydraulic Power

A dirty transmission will result in low hydraulic power similar to what is caused when there is insufficient fluid. In case of a dirty transmission, the sludge and dirt tend to act on the flow of transmission fluid. If there is no other issue with the transmission and when the fluid level is normal, then the most common problem is usually restricted fluid flow. The reason is often an accumulation of contaminants like sludge and/or dirt.

Your Vehicle Is Surging

Another tell-tale sign that prompts that you may need a transmission flush is when you observe that your car has started to surge. When the transmission of your car is dirty, the fluid flow is hindered, causing your car to surge or jump for no reason. This happens due to the interrupted flow of the fluid and the effective functioning of the gears.

You Are Encountering Delay In Starting

Last but not the least, if your car stalls for a moment you may need to change the transmission fluid. Keep in mind that a dirty transmission is one of the primary reasons behind your car surging, jumping, or even standing still before starting.

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to keep an eye out for the above-mentioned signs. You need to get in touch with the car experts if you experience any of these signs.

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