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Three Reasons Why Your Car’s AC Isn’t Working This Summer

Three Reasons Why Your Car AC Isn't Working This SummerSummer is the time for road trips, vacation, and family fun. It’s also the time when temperatures skyrocket, making it unbearable to be in the car for any amount of time if the air conditioning is broken. Sitting in deadlocked traffic in temperatures nearing the nineties and above is not only uncomfortable, it’s also dangerous for you and your family. Even with the windows opens, sitting in deadlocked traffic with the hot sun beating down on your car can cause overheating.

What makes our air conditioning going out when we need it the most? There are quite a few reasons for the lack of air or warm air pouring out of your vents. Here are some of the most common reasons your air conditioning may not be working.

Air Compressor Failure

The air compressor is the main component of the air conditioner in your car. Without it, your air conditioner won’t work at all. The reason for an air compression failure can be because of regular wear and tear, lack of oil in the system, or a build-up of dirt and debris causing a system failure. Your mechanic will check the pressure rise along the system to determine if the compressor has or is failing.

Refrigerant Leak

The most common reason that air conditioners don’t work is a leak causing low refrigerant levels. Many people will simply continue adding refrigerant on their own to get cold air blowing through their system again. Simply adding refrigerant doesn’t solve the source of the problem and will be a continual refilling process. Your best bet is to allow your mechanic to diagnosis and seal the leak to ensure that your refrigerant stays where it belongs, in your air conditioning system.

Electrical Problems

The reason your air conditioning unit in your car isn’t working could be caused by a faulty electrical system. Your air compressor may not be getting the signal from your ventilation system to turn on. Another potential electrical problem is having a fuse blow on the fan itself, causing your system to push air out at very low speeds.

Many people will put off having any of these issues fixed due to time constraints and fear of high costs. The great news is that fixing your air conditioning system can take as little as a few hours depending on the problem. If cost is a concern, remember that if you’re constantly adding refrigerant on your own those costs will add up over time. If you’re considering adding your own leak seal, that could push the price of your home repair up because incorrectly filling or using the wrong type of sealant could cause your air conditioner to clog and cause more problems down the road.

Is It Time to Visit a Fraser, MI Auto Repair Shop?

If you’re having issues with your AC, you don’t want to diagnosis the problem yourself. Those are just three of the most common causes for your air conditioner, but there are plenty more reasons your AC might not be working this summer. Instead of wondering and worrying, stop in for a diagnostic visit today or give us a call at (586) 285-4444!


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