The Car Exhaust System: Additional Things For You To Know

The Car Exhaust System: Additional Things For You To KnowOne mechanic said that the engine is like a human body. As it works, it produces excess chemicals that can potentially harm the health of the components.

Many don’t think a lot about a car’s exhaust system. However, its function is more than meets the eye. Without it, the car’s engine can easily develop rust, sludge, and moisture.

That’s why car manufacturers spend millions for developing new car exhaust systems. In the past, car exhaust systems were rather simple. But right now, what we have are exhaust systems that are made out of high-quality materials and even reduce the significant impact of vehicles on the environment.

What Does An Exhaust System Do For The Car?

To understand what an exhaust system does for your car, think of it as a janitor that cleans after the engine’s mess. The engine burns oil and gasoline (or diesel) in the cylinder head as it works. This combustion results in the production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. These go to the catalytic converter that turns them into neutral gases and delivers them to the muffler.

Hydrogen and carbon monoxide precludes the efficient burning of fuel. Because of this, the car’s engine performance will be reduced. Moreover, its fuel efficiency will also decrease. Not to mention damage to components can occur.

Water Is Dripping From My Car’s Muffler, Is This Okay?

If water is dripping from your car’s muffler if you start it in the morning, there’s no need for worries. This is very common since moisture can reach inside the engine. Upon starting the car, the exhaust system removes moisture and expels them through the muffler. Removal of moisture is important because it makes the car less efficient and it can mix with the unused fuel that stayed on the tubes of the engine.

That’s why every morning, make it a habit of turning the car on for at least 20 – 30 minutes. You don’t have to rev it up. Just make the engine run in neutral gear. Doing this doesn’t only expel moisture but also keeps the oils of the car running. Ensuring that before you head out to the road, all of the engine’s components are well-lubed.

What Can Damage A Car’s Exhaust System?

The exhaust system is one of the components that usually last for years and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it’s invulnerable to damage. It might suffer from damage if you do the following:

Scraping The Exhaust System Against Rocks

Your car can scrape its underside while running. This might happen on strangely uneven terrain such as mountain tracks. Scraping of the underside can damage the exhaust system since it might get into contact with rocks or other hard objects on the ground. This might result in dents and cracks.

Changing The Muffler

This is hard to explain but changing a car’s muffler can damage the exhaust system. Many opt to do this to increase their car’s performance. However, many unaware that this might allow moisture to easily penetrate inside the exhaust system or overwork the engine.


A damaged exhaust system isn’t hard to detect. Nevertheless, many car owners overlook it. Signs, which tell that the exhaust system is damaged are a strange hissing sound, excessive moisture on the muffler, and engine noise that’s louder than usual.

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