Spring has Arrived Right on Schedule – Make Sure Your Car is Ready

Spring has Arrived Right on Schedule – Make Sure Your Car is Ready

Spring has Arrived Right on Schedule – Make Sure Your Car is ReadyRegardless of what is going on around us these days, spring has its own agenda and has kept to it. This mostly means good news and good times. Finally, we get to hop in our cars, turn up the volume on our music and roll that window down! And, typically, when we are hopping in our cars, we’re doing so with a spring in our step and our attitudes.

But that good energy can quickly dampen if your car isn’t quite up to par. In other words, as you get your wardrobe, your yard, and your outdoor activities set up for spring, you should also get your car ready for spring.  Spring car maintenance should be as natural to your seasonal routine as lawn mower maintenance.

So, what is involved in spring car maintenance?

Just like you, your car has had to endure all of winter’s harsh and at times brutal conditions. Winter and warm weather driving are quite different from one another. Your engine has to work much harder during the winter. This means, your engine, like other aspects of your car, is a bit “tired” and needs some attention. So, here are the following steps that are involved in through, effective sprint maintenance for your car.

Change your oil. If you have gone all fall and winter without changing your oil, spring is the time to do it. Make this a priority, because it is vital.   Without question, chaining your oil regularly per the manufacturer’s recommendations is critical to keeping your engine in top-notch conditions. But what you might not know is that it is just as important to get your oil changed after undergoing the stress of demanding conditions.

You may be tempted to think you had your oil changed in mid-fall and it’s still fine but actually, if you have spent four or five months pounding the roads during the harsh and hazardous conditions of winter, your engine will benefit from an oil change again. And, as always, during the oil change, get all of your other fluids, like antifreeze and windshield washer fluid topped off.

Keep your car cool!  This means in addition to making sure your car looks cool, that it is cool – literally, just like your engine, your radiator has worked double-time all winter in order to make sure it maintained the correct temperature as it ran. But it works even harder in spring and summer. So, your cooling system in your car needs a thorough flushing and then a refill. Michigan summers get hot and you need to make sure your car always runs cool.

Check the conditions of your hoses, belts, filters, and clamps. Basically, each of these components need to be checked so you are assured they are in good working condition. Accelerated temperatures that occur during the spring and summer can make your hoses and belts soft; this can cause leaks to be exposed. For that reason alone, get all of these components checked so you can start your car and hit the road confidently.

Don’t neglect your tires.  If you use snow tires, get them changed to all-season tires. Otherwise, check all aspects of your tires to make sure they are ready for the spring and summer highways as well.

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