Signs That Say You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

Signs That Say You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

Signs That Say You Need to Replace Your Car BatteryWhen you switch on the ignition of your car, a chemical reaction is initiated in the battery, which produces the electrical energy needed to start the motor and the engine. It is, thus, that when cars with a dead battery are turned on, the lights flicker, but the motor does not start running. It is believed that car batteries, on average, have a life span of four years. However, the exact life depends on the vehicles and their condition. If your car’s battery is acting odd and you have been thinking if there is any life left in it, here are some signs that will help you decide if you need to replace your car battery.

Signs That Say You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

Of course, the most straightforward sign is your check engine light. If the check engine light is on, it is quite likely that your car’s battery has reached its life’s end. Apart from the check engine light, here are a few signs that indicate that maybe it’s time to replace the old battery.

Your Car’s Electronic Components Are Not Working Properly

The battery supplies the energy needed to run various electronic components in a car. Thus, if you realize that your car’s radio, charging point, or lights aren’t working correctly, the reason could most likely be a dead or faulty battery.

The Car’s Engine Is Starting Slowly

As a car becomes older, it takes more power or energy to create the charge needed to start the battery. If it takes longer for your car’s engine to start than usual, you may be dealing with a battery in its last stages.

You Experience an Unpleasant Smell Every Time You Open the Hood

Sometimes, an internal short or a flaw can cause the battery to become damaged. In most cases, this damage manifests itself in the form of some leakage or weird gas smell. A damaged battery, in most cases, smells like rotten eggs. Thus, if you experience a nasty smell every time you open the hood of your car, ask an expert to check your car’s battery and recommend what needs to be done.

The Shape of Your Car’s Battery Has Changed

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, you must take extra care of your car’s battery as excessive heat or cold temperatures can cause a car’s battery to expand and crack. Thus, if you live in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions, check the shape of your battery now and then. If your car’s battery is not rectangular in shape, seek the advice of an expert.

You Notice Corroded Connectors

Every battery has a negative and positive connection located at its top. If there is any problem with the battery, the connectors will begin to get corroded. It is natural to see an ashy substance on the connectors of a damaged battery. Corroded connectors can stop your car from getting started. So, check your car’s battery from time to time and if you see any corroded connectors, make sure to consult an expert.


A car’s battery is one of the most integral and vital components of a vehicle. If the battery dies, your car won’t start. Thus, to avoid any hassles, all car owners must take extra care of their car battery and check it from time to time. If during checkups, you experience any of the signs stated above, immediately consult an expert.

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