Servicing Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Servicing Your Car’s Air ConditionerIt’s a hot summer’s day and going out in the afternoon is the last thing on your mind, but duty calls and you head out. That’s when you realize that it’s quite stuffy in the car and your car’s AC isn’t working properly. You’ve just paid for an auto air conditioning repair service, so what could possibly be the problem?

There are some recognizable signs that can help you determine if your car AC requires professional intervention. One of the most common signs is the decline in the efficiency of your car AC service. But is that the only sign that can alert you about the impending doom?

Thankfully, no! There are a few other symptoms that can help you diagnose the problems with your car ac and find a better solution.

– Your car AC doesn’t blow cold air anymore.

– You car AC emits foul odors from the vents.

– There are some rattling or banging sounds coming from your car AC.

– There are puddles under the dash from the dripping water of your car AC.

So if you have been experiencing these issues, it’s the right time to opt for professional auto air conditioning repair service. In order to ensure you get the best service quality, you need to be aware of the steps involved in air conditioner repair.

1.     Pressure Check

The first step in an auto air conditioning service is to check the pressure in the system. Using specialized equipment, professional technicians are able to gauge the reading of your car’s system and compare them against the manufacturer’s specifications. If the readings don’t match the necessary parameters, it’s likely there’s a leak in the system.

2.     Drain the System

In order to fix a leak, the professional needs to drain the system and ensure there’s nothing in the pipes that can harm you. To carry out the process, the technician would need to hook your car to a refrigerant recovery system that is designed to effectively drain all the harmful gases from the car’s system.

3.     Check for Cracks

In order to check for cracks in the system, the technician would add a tracer dye to the refrigerant recovery system. This will help pinpoint the exact location of the crack, if any, and help resolve the issue.

4.     Add Refrigerant

If there are any cracks in the pipes or other faults in the system, the technician will resolve them and complete the process by adding refrigerant to the system.


There are several faults that can be the reason behind the decline in your car AC service. To ensure the problems don’t effect your comfort while you’re on the road, make sure you take your vehicle in to a reputable auto shop.  Contact Car Guys Auto Center of Fraser, MI today for all of your auto needs.  We can be reached at (586) 285-4444. We hope to see you soon!

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