Road Salt – What Are Its Effects and How Do You Protect Your Car?

Road Salt – What Are Its Effects and How Do You Protect Your Car?Winter comes with a promise of rain and snow. It brings the fun of snowball fights and building a snowman. The fun things aside, the snow is also very dangerous for drivers. It is common knowledge that most road accidents are caused due to ice and snow on the roads. For that purpose, the Department of Transportation makes sure that everyone gets to their destination safely by applying road salt mixed with sand to give your car some extra traction.

The road salt helps the snow melt faster. It is very helpful to drivers, but can also cause rusting on cars. It is very important that you remove the salt from your vehicle immediately as the rust can eat away the car’s body. It can also affect the brake lines of your car.

What Is the Reason for Rusting?

You must be wondering about the reason behind the rusting caused by road salt. It’s quite simple; your car is made from metal. The carbon dioxide and oxygen from rainwater come in contact with the free-radical ions from the road salt. The extended exposure of these elements on the metal lines of your car speeds up the process of rusting.

To escape the threat of rusting and corrosion, you must keep a close eye on your car and wash it more frequently than you would have in the summer months.

How Can You Protect Your Car From Road Salt Damage?

To make sure that your car remains rust-free, there are a few things you can do to protect your car. Following are some ways you can adopt:

-Wash your car every week to make sure no salt particles remain

-If your area has an ice storm or a snowstorm, thoroughly wash your car immediately afterward

-If the temperature increases 40 degrees Fahrenheit, wash your car

-Make sure that you wash your car in the morning or afternoon so it can dry off before the temperature drops during night time

-The water can seep into the edges of the car doors and trunk and freeze it shut. Make sure that you open and close them multiple times to avoid it

-Try to avoid driving in deep snow

-Avoid driving in puddles as the road salt collects in those

-If you notice any rust on corrosion on your car, treat is as soon as possible so that it won’t spread

-Wax your car at least twice a year to protect it from corrosion and rust

Road salt is applied on the road for your safety as it helps the snow thaw faster. If you live in a snowy area, you have to accept it as a part of your life. These steps will ensure the safety of your vehicle as well as you. Make sure that you check your car regularly this winter. For more information or tips on maintaining your vehicle, give Car Guys Auto Center a call today.  We can be reached at (586) 285-4444. Drive safely!

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