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Metro Detroit Auto Mechanic Explains How the Summer Heat Can Put Stress on Your Battery

Metro Detroit Auto Mechanic Explains How the Summer Heat Can Put Stress on Your BatteryAlthough most of us enjoy the summer season, when the temperatures get intense, it can make us feel a bit more sluggish when performing tasks such as yard work or exercise.

Did you know that your car battery may feel a little overworked too in the summer heat? Keep reading to learn how heat impacts your car battery and how to protect it.

How Heat Affects Your Car Battery

Just as we need to consume more water to stay hydrated in summer temperatures, your battery can also become “dehydrated” if intense heat evaporates its fluids and weakens its charge.

If a battery gets too hot, its internal components can corrode and prevent the battery from receiving power. And hot summer temperatures only expedite this corrosion and can potentially cause permanent damage to the battery.

How to Prevent Your Battery from Draining

Although Michiganders cannot avoid the summer heat, here are some things you can do to help extend the life of your car battery.

Limit short trips. Although some may think that longer trips make your battery work harder, short trips (anything under 20 minutes) are actually harder on your battery. This is due to the fact that your battery does not have enough time to recharge which will decrease its lifespan.

Be sure to your battery posts are clean as dirt will drain the battery power. If you do not know where the battery posts are, or do not feel comfortable inspecting the car battery, visit your local auto mechanic for assistance.

Avoid using the radio when your car isn’t running and be sure all interior and exterior lights are turned off when you turn off the engine.

Try to park the vehicle in a shady area or parking structure whenever possible. This will also help protect your car’s exterior and interior from UV rays.

How to Tell if You are Experiencing Battery Problems

Be on the lookout for the following symptoms that may indicate you have a weak battery. Visit your local auto mechanic if you experience any of the following:

The engine cranks slow when you turn the key to start the vehicle.

Any check engine lights or battery lights are displayed on the dashboard.

You notice the battery fluid level is low.

The car battery looks enlarged or swollen.

You notice interior or exterior lights are not as bright as they should be.

You’ve had your battery for 3 years or more.

Looking for a Metro Detroit Auto Mechanic to Help with Your Battery?

The best way to ensure your battery is working properly is to have it tested by a local auto repair facility.

If you are looking for a Metro Detroit auto mechanic to inspect your battery, or address any other mechanical issues, contact Car Guys Auto Center in Fraser, Michigan. We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change.

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