Is Your Car A/C Leaking Water?

Car A/C Leaking WaterCar A/C leaks can be caused due to a variety of reasons. It is necessary to address them to avoid unforeseen, expensive repairs. In this article, we will cover the reasons why car A/C leaks and what needs to be done if you observe water where it is not supposed to be.

Water Leak Inside or Outside the Car

Water leak outside your car

Water leakage from under the vehicle is often normal, particularly on summer days when the A/C is on full blast. A car’s A/C systems are designed in a way to drain water out of the vehicle.

A drip or two may not be unusual, but a puddle can never be usual. Do go for a check if you are concerned about leaks becoming more frequent. A car relies on several vital fluids. These could leak, jeopardizing the engine’s performance and safety.

Water leak inside your car

Water leaking inside a vehicle could be due to the car’s A/C. In some cases, it could be a non-A/C-related issue.

For instance, an aging sunroof or badly installed windshield can allow water into the cabin. Excessive corrosion is yet another culprit. This is because it can make tiny holes form in the body panels.

If you observe water pooling inside in rainy conditions, do a thorough investigation. If A/C is the source, water might show up on the hotter days when the use is maximum.

What are the common causes of vehicle AC leaks?

Clogged evaporator drain

Excess water and condensation may leave your vehicle through the evaporator drain. It is wise to have the water flow out of the car via the evaporator drain. Sometimes, the drain can get clogged by debris or dirt. Similar to what happens when water gets clogged in a sink, condensation from the A/C can back up. If the evaporator core overflows, moisture will enter the car’s A/C vents, forming water puddles in the cabin.

It is mandatory to unblock the drain quickly. In case excess water stays within the evaporator core, it can ruin components like a resistor.

Damaged seals

If rubber or plastic seals in the A/C fail, water might begin seeping out and makes its way through the vehicle cabin. If this happens, you are likely to notice water pooling under your floor mats on the passenger side.

Leakage in the evaporator core

Evaporator cores appear similar to radiators. It is possible for leaves as well as other materials to enter the evaporator via the car’s air intake vents. These organic materials break down, causing the evaporator to rust. This results in water leakage. If you observe a musty smell from the vents when the A/C is on blast, you may get a whiff of rotting leaves in the evaporator core. If the problem persists, the evaporator could require replacement.

Cleaning up an A/C water leakage

Once a car A/C problem is detected and fixed, clean to get rid of water in the cabin and also dry floor mats. In humid conditions, mold thrives, sending out a foul smell and causing health concerns.

With hotter months soon to come, a reliable and fully functional vehicle A/C is a necessity.

Whether the A/C in your car is the reason behind water pooling on the passenger side floorboard or has been giving out warm air, technicians at Car Guys Auto Center can help! Book an appointment for a car A/C repair or service.

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