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Is It Necessary to Rotate Tires?

Is It Necessary to Rotate Tires?When you own a vehicle, it is your duty to take care of it. One of the things that are often ignored by a lot of people is tire rotation. Tires need to be regularly rotated to even wear so that they can last longer. Failure to rotate tires can be dangerous for both you and your vehicle.

Rotating tires is a necessary part of owning a vehicle. Stats show that more than 11.000 vehicles get into accidents because of uneven wear of tires.

Reasons Why Tire Rotation is Necessary

The rate of wear and tear of every tire is different. Tire rotation makes sure that the wear is evened out and no harm comes to you and your vehicle. The reason why the rate of deterioration of tires is different is because of the distribution of weight. Since the transmission mass and the engine is usually on the front of the car, it carries more weight as compared to the back. Similarly, the front tires sustain more stress because of the brakes and turns. Because of this, the front tires of your car are more prone to wear and tear and need to be replaced more often.

Regular tire rotation also has a positive effect on your car’s gas mileage.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Car’s Tires?

You must be wondering – how often should you rotate your car’s tires? Well, we are here with that answer. You should get the tires of your car rotated after every 6 months, or once your car has covered a distance of 5,000 to 8,000 miles. However, remember that this is an average figure. Different tire manufacturers have different guidelines on tire rotation, so make sure you find out what is yours by seeking advice from a professional or in the owner’s manual.

Signs You Need to Rotate Your Tires

There are several warning signs that indicate your tires need to be rotated. They are:

– Uneven Wear Between Tires

When we say uneven wear between tires, we don’t mean the pattern of the tire. No, it means if the front tires of your car deteriorate faster than the ones in the rear. Check your car tires for this sign. If you see that there is uneven wear, you need to get them rotated as soon as possible. Ignoring this will put you at risk of accidents.

If you are unsure about the amount of wear, contact a professional. They will be able to tell you if you need to get new tires or not.

– Vehicle Vibration

If you notice a vibration in your car when the speed goes over 45 mph, you need to get your tires rotated immediately. It can cause tire imbalance and puts you at risk of accidents. Get a professional to rotate, balance, and align the wheels of your car before you take it out for a spin again.

– Pressure Loss

If one of your tires loses air more quickly than the others, then it might be too worn out. The air is lost faster because of the pressure, which needs to be fixed immediately. An experienced technician will be able to repair the puncture and rotate the tires for you in no time.

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