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Fraser Auto Mechanic Explains How to Make Sure Your Car is Safe to Drive

Fraser Auto Mechanic Explains How to Make Sure Your Car is Safe to DriveSo you have just purchased a used vehicle. It has low miles and the seller insists that it is in good condition. But how can you be sure the car is in good working order and safe to drive?

The best thing you can do is have the vehicle inspected by a local auto mechanic, and if possible have the inspection completed before you commit to buying the car.

Here are some things that either you or your local auto mechanic should be looking for to ensure your vehicle is safe to take on the road.

Check the Tires

Tires are not something to skimp on but unfortunately there are many drivers that ignore common tire problems which can pose a serious safety threat. Just imagine the danger of driving at highway speeds and having a tire blowout. The end result could be catastrophic.

Whether you have purchased a new vehicle or you have owned your car for several years, be sure to check the following:

– Tire Pressure – Use a gage and make sure the tire pressure matches the recommendation from the car manufacturer.
– Thread Depth – It is recommended to change tires when they reach about 4/32” of the remaining tread depth.
– Check for bubbles, cracking or uneven wear on the tires.

Inspect Ball Joints

Ball joints are crucial part of your vehicles suspension and connect the control arm to the steering knuckle. They control which way the wheels turn when you steer, and they also prevent the wheels from moving in the wrong direction.

Ball joint failure can cause the vehicle to come to an abrupt stop as the tire flops flat onto the pavement. At high speeds, ball joint failure could be extremely dangerous or even deadly.

Symptoms of failing ball joints may include:

– Noises coming from the front suspension
– Vibration from the front of the vehicle
– Unintentional steering to left or right

Check Tie Rod Ends

Tie rods connect your steering rack to your steering knuckle, and like ball joints, they play a big role in steering your vehicle in the right direction.

If a tie rod end (the part of the tie rod that connects with the steering knuckle) fails, your wheel could turn too far and bring your car to an abrupt unintended stop. Similar to ball joint failure, a broken tire rod end can potentially cause a dangerous or fatal accident.

Inspect the Brakes

Having brakes that are in good condition is crucial. Obviously you want to be able stop when you need to, especially if you are cruising at high speeds.

Here are some things that may cause your brakes to fail and should be addressed as soon as possible:

– Rusty or damaged brake lines
– Old brake hoses that need replacing
– Brake fluid leaks
– Damaged rotors
– Brake pads with excessive wear

Do You Need a Fraser Auto Mechanic to Inspect your Vehicle?

Whether you have purchased a new vehicle or you have owned the same car for years, it is crucial to routinely inspect the vehicle to ensure you, your passengers and other drivers on the road will be safe.

If you are searching for an experienced auto mechanic in Fraser to service your vehicle, contact Car Guys Auto Center today at (586) 285-4444.

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