Five Signs That Indicate Brake Pad Problems

Five Signs That Indicate Brake Pad ProblemsCars have made life so much easier and they have made distances so much shorter. When it comes to cars, most car owners will agree that the brakes are a car’s most crucial component. Their proper working is important to ensure the safety of people inside the car as well as of those working on the road. It is thus that vehicle owners are advised to change their car’s brakes after every 50,000 miles. However, in some cases, car owners may feel the need to change their car’s brakes even before finishing 50,000 miles. So, how does one know if it is time to replace a car’s brakes? In this article, we answer this very question. Here are some signs that say you must replace your car’s brake pads.

Your Car’s Brake Pads Are Making Weird Noises Even in Routine Weather Conditions

It is normal for a car’s brake pads to make squeaking sounds during the rainy season. However, if your brake pads are making weird noises even in routine weather conditions, it is quite likely that the brake pads have become worn out and must be replaced immediately. If your brake pads are making squeaky noises, get a car technician to check them immediately.

You Keep Hearing a Deep Grinding Metal Sound

Car owners must not only regularly check the car for squeaking sounds but also remain vigilant about any metal grinding sounds. These types of sounds are more common in smaller cars. In most modern cars, the manufacturers equip the brake pads with small metal ridges. These ridges are located at the bottom of the brake pad and therefore, any metal grinding noises could be indicative of problems with the brake pad. However, a deep metal grinding sound can mean a lot of different things. Only a brake pad expert will be able to guide you about the real problem and its correct solution.

You Feel Your Brake Pads Vibrating Every Time You Step on the Brakes

When brake pads become old and worn out, they start vibrating every time one presses the brake pedals. Vibrating brake pads indicate that your car’s brakes need immediate attention and ignoring the problem can lead to severe issues in the future.

The Thickness of Your Brake Pads Has Reduced to One-Fourth of the Original

In most modern-day cars, brake pads are fitted between the spokes of a car wheel. Thus, car owners can easily see the brake pads. If you feel that your car’s brake pads aren’t working properly, the first thing you must do is check if the pads have become too thin. If the brake pads appear much thinner than usual, i.e. if the thickness of the pads has become one-fourth or lesser than the original, replace them immediately.

The Brake Light Is On

These days, most car manufacturers equip their cars with brake pad sensors which become active as soon as the brakes become worn out. Thus, if your car’s brake light has been on for some time now, you must talk to a car technician and ask them if you need to replace your car’s brake pads immediately.


Car owners must make sure their car’s brakes are in prim and proper condition. Moreover, those car owners who wish to increase the life of their brake pads must rotate their tires every six months. In the case, you have been witnessing one of the signs discussed above, immediately see a car technician.

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