Five Compelling Reasons To Get An Engine Diagnostic Test

Five Compelling Reasons To Get An Engine Diagnostic TestCars are fairly complex machines, and usually, it can be quite tough to establish whether a component needs to be replaced or repaired. While there are numerous critical parts of a car, the engine is arguably the most crucial component. And this is why it’s highly recommended that you conduct routine engine diagnostic tests to ensure your car remains in tip-top condition at all times.

An engine diagnostic test is a process that involves a qualified technician using a specialized device to communicate with your vehicle’s computer. The process is aimed at assessing the state of the engine and finding any potential issues that might warrant repairs or replacements. But what is the right time to conduct an engine diagnostic test? As experts in the automobile industry, we discuss a few tell-tale signs that should warrant immediate car engine diagnosis.

  • Unusual sounds: It’s pretty common for vehicles to produce all kinds of strange sounds. And while some noises are perfectly normal and shouldn’t warrant a problem, others can signal serious underlying issues. And this implies that should you hear any new, strange or alarming noises sounds such as popping, squealing, or grinding coming from your vehicle’s engine, don’t hesitate to contact your local technicians for assessment.
  • Compromised engine performance: One straightforward way to tell whether your car’s engine needs a diagnostic is when the engine itself is either malfunctioning or behaves abnormally. Common signs of a compromised engine may include but are not limited to shaking, stuttering, or excessive vibration of the engine while driving. Also, the engine might find it hard to cope when you are moving at relatively high speeds.
  • Excessive fuel usage: During these tough economic times, every driver will always keep a close eye on his/her car’s fuel tank. And if your car consumes lots of gas, you’ll inevitably spend a significant amount of cash on fuel expenses! If your vehicle’s engine suffers any technical issue, the chances are high that its fuel usage will also increase dramatically.
  • Smoke emitted by the exhaust: If you notice smoking emanating from your car’s exhaust, you need to act very fast and contact your local engine technician! If you didn’t know, this usually signals a potential engine problem. And while it was pretty normal for older cars to produce smoke, modern vehicles shouldn’t move around with smoke flowing out of their exhaust pipes! And this implies that should you see your car’s exhaust producing those unwanted smoke, seek relevant assistance almost immediately. Whereas black smoke can be a symptom of clogged filters or mechanical damage to the engine, gray smoke usually indicates excessive fuel usage or even transmission problems.
  • The Check Engine Light’ remains one: Generally, Porsches feature numerous built-in warning lights that are programmed to produce light if issues are detected. In this regard, the Check Engine light will illuminate if your vehicle encounters any engine-related issues. Most drivers often ignore this light, hoping it will go off on its own. But it is imperative to take action almost immediately and address the problem and prevent larger and more costly future repairs.

The Bottom line:

Should you encounter any of the above problems with your car engine, don’t hesitate to contact the proven car technicians at Car Guys Auto Center. Boasting unrivaled experience in the industry, no vehicle diagnostic repairs are either smaller or bigger than our highly knowledgeable car repair professionals.

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