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Fall Vehicle Maintenance: Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Fall Vehicle Maintenance: Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Fal & Winter Auto Repair - Fraser, MIDid you know that October is Car Care Month? With winter right around the corner, October is the perfect time to get your car to an auto repair shop in Fraser and have a good evaluation of some of the critical features and systems of your car. Making sure your car is in tip top shape before the snow flies here in the Fraser area, will give you peace of mind that you won’t end up stranded, or in an accident because your car had issues. Here are some fall maintenance suggestions to get your car ready for winter.

Check Your Battery

This one is pretty easy, but can be really important especially when our temperatures get below freezing. One of the first and easiest things you can do is ensure that your battery and all of the connectors are in good condition. Corrosion and wear on battery connectors can result in a poor connection that can reduce the effectiveness of your battery. Batteries that are corroded also don’t take a charge from the alternator as well, so make sure that your battery is clean. If your battery is clean and in good condition, but it’s older, you will want to have the charge checked. Cold weather will cause an old battery to fail quicker. If your battery is older and doesn’t have a good charge, make sure you replace it before the snow flies and the temperatures drop.

Weather Essentials

Make sure that the features of your car that keep you warm and safe are in good working order. What does this mean? Well, make sure that your heater, defroster and windshield wipers are in good condition. Your heater will keep you warm if you need to hunker down in your car. The defrosters and windshield wipers will keep your windows clear, even in the worst weather so you can get home safe. Just as important as good tires to getting you around in the winter are functional heating and window clearing systems.

How Good Are Your Tires?

If the tread on your tires is getting low, the time to get new tires is now. We suggest that you replace your tires when the tread gets to 4/32nds of an inch. This is the lowest tread that your tires will still help you stop safely or provide adequate traction in the snow. Tires that have tread lower than this can be a huge safety hazard, not only for you but for others on the road around you. Improperly treaded tires cause accidents and make you a hindrance on the roads.


Stopping safely is really important in inclement weather. If it’s slick out, the last thing you want is to have brakes that are not in good condition, and don’t stop you when you need to stop. Before the snow flies, it’s a great idea to have your brakes checked and make any necessary repairs. You’ll feel more confident on the road, and you’ll be able to avoid potential accidents, even when it’s slick out.

Looking for Auto Repair Services in Fraser?

Making sure that your car is ready for winter is an important part of being safe on the road, and looking out for the well-being of your family. If your car, SUV or truck needs a fall check-up, Car Guys Automotive is ready to help. To schedule a fall, vehicle check-up or to get more information on our auto repair services in Fraser, please call us today at, (586) 285-4444.

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