Everything You Need to Know Bald Tires

Everything You Need to Know Bald Tires

Everything You Need to Know Bald TiresIt is routine for the tire tread to undergo wear and tear with time. However, problems arise when the tire gets damaged to such an extent that it can be categorized as bald. When a tire becomes bald, replacing it immediately becomes a necessity. In this article, we tell you what is a bald tire as well as explain the dangers posed by such tires.

A tire is considered bald when it loses its tread completely. It is normal for the tires to lose some of the treads every time one takes their car on the road. However, when car owners drive already worn-out tires for far too long, the tires lose their tread completely over time and become bald. So, when does a tire become bald? A tire is considered worn out when at least one of the grooves on the tire reaches 2/32 of an inch. One may think that a bald tire is an uncommon thing but in 2014, the Rubber Manufacturers Association conducted a survey and found that 12% of all motorists in the U.S. were riding bikes with bald tires.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle’s Tires Have Become Bald?

Most tires, these days, come equipped with indicator bars or parallel wear bars. When the tread becomes flush with wear bears, know that you are dealing with a bald tire. Even if your vehicle’s tires aren’t equipped with parallel bars, one can tell whether a tire has become bald or not with the help of a tread depth gauge, which is easily available both online as well as in stores these days.

In the case, you do not have a tread depth gauge, use a penny to check if your tire has become bald. Insert the penny inside the tire’s groove and if you can see the whole of Abraham Lincoln’s head, you are dealing with a bald tire that must be replaced immediately. As mentioned before, a tire is considered completely bald when even a single groove on the tire reaches a depth of 2/32nd of an inch. However, vehicle owners must not wait for the grooves to reach this depth — they must replace their tire as soon as the grooves reach 4/32nds of an inch.

Why Do Tires Become Bald?

Tires can become bald due to several different reasons. To start with, both underinflated and overinflated tires experience stress, which accentuates tread wear and tear and therefore, tire balding. Similarly, unbalanced and misaligned tires also lead to tread wear and tear. Unbalanced and misaligned tires cause unwanted pressure on suspension, which in turn, leads to irregular wear and tear and therefore, bald tires. Lastly, bald tires are also often a result of inadequate maintenance. If you indulge in regular maintenance and upkeep, the chances of you dealing with a bald tire become significantly reduced.

Here’s Why You Should Immediately Replace a Bald Tire

One may think that bald tires aren’t something to worry about, but the truth is they can land one in life-threatening situations. While driving on slick roads in harsh weather conditions, it is crucial to have tires one can rely on. When we hit the brakes, it is the tread on the tires that helps in stopping the car. When the tires lose the tread, it becomes difficult to stop a car.

Further, with bald tires, the chances of a tire blowout as well as a flat tire also increase considerably. Similarly, vehicles with bald tires also lose their control easily. In conclusion, bald tires can compromise the safety of everyone sitting in the car as well as the people on the road. Thus, if your vehicle’s tires have become bald, make sure to get them replaced immediately.

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