Everything You Must Know About Bald Tires

Everything You Must Know About Bald TiresBald Tires: The Causes and Dangers

With regular driving, car tires become bald. A bald tire means there is little to no tread left. Every time you drive your car, the tread on your tire wears off. The technical standard for a bald tire is 2/23 of an inch. Not only is it dangerous to drive on bald tires, but your car will also suffer as well. This article will detail the dangers and how to identify them to keep yourself and your car safe.

How Can I Tell If My Tires Are Bald?

With modern-day manufacturing, most tire manufactures include indicator bars and parallel wear bars. These are very important indicators for helping you identify a worn tire. If the tread is flush with the indicator bar, your tire is ready to be replaced. There are also other tactics you can use to decide if your tires are bald such as the penny test. Using a penny, place the coin in the tire’s tread channel. With Lincoln’s head down, if you can still see the top of his head, your tires are in need of an immediate replacement.

According to a recent study by Rubber Manufacturers Associates (RMA), approximately 13% of all vehicles were actively driven with bald tires. Luckily, there are some telltale signs your tires need to be replaced without actually measuring for 2/23″ of tread.

While it is true a bald tire is 2/23 of an inch, drivers should not actually wait this long to replace them. They should replace them at 4/23 of an inch for safety. Grooves should not reach this low depth before replacing them, as it is a safety hazard.

The Risks of Bald Tires & Why They Occur

The risks of bald tires are vast. First and foremost they cannot gain traction on icy roads and roads covered in snow. This is dangerous as your car will side without any traction on these types of roads. Furthermore, when tire tread is low, the tire can be easily punctured and unfortunately lead to a blow out which is very dangerous. Lastly, worn tires will lose air pressure quicker than a new tire, affecting your car’s fuel economy and even your ability to brake and steer. Tread is needed to break the car so low/no tread is very dangerous as well.

Bald tires occur with regular driving. It’s bound to happen. The key is to identify the signs.

Why You Should Replace Bald Tires Immediately

If any of these situations described above concern you, it is of utmost importance you replace your low tread or balding tires. Driving around on tires in this condition is dangerous and not worth saving extra money temporally since it could cost you your car and life. Accidents can occur with worn tires since the car can’t stop quickly. In fact, you will actually need to fill up more often as fuel economy suffers. Replace your tires and ensure you and your passengers are safe under all weather and road conditions.

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