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Car Guys Auto Center Tip: When to Change Your Engine Coolant

When to Change Your Engine Coolant in Metro Detroit

Auto Repair Tip: Change Engine Coolant, Fraser, MIOne of the most confusing maintenance activities for car owners is knowing when to replace your engine coolant. There are so many suggestions from car experts, mechanics, manufacturers, and car maintenance guides that it is easy to be confused about what is right for your car. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to replace the coolant in your engine, here are some thoughts and suggestions from Car Guys Auto Center.


Mileage is the most obvious way to determine when it’s time to replace your engine coolant. However, it is also the most confusing way, as well. Every auto manufacturer will have a different schedule for replacing everything from engine oil and coolant to brake fluids and other critical engine fluids. For example, some Mercedes-Benz models suggest a 120,000-mile replacement while others models suggest a 150,000-mile replacement schedule. Hyundai tells its vehicle owners that 30,000 miles is an appropriate time to replace engine coolant. So, with so many different suggestions between auto makers and even models within car brands, it gets really confusing for mechanics and car owners alike.

Vehicle Age

This is a less popular, but sometimes used to gauge for when to replace your engine coolant. While most car manufacturers have mileage suggestions for replacing key fluids, some manufacturers also provide an engine age suggestion. Going back to our example of the Mercedes-Benz, that model that suggests a 120,000-mile replacement schedule also suggests that the mileage can be substituted for a 12-year time frame. Age versus mileage is really a function of how you drive your vehicle and how often your car is on the road.

Vehicle Purpose

Mileage and age suggestions can be thrown out the window for many vehicles. Vehicles that are used for extreme driving, are subject to towing other vehicles frequently, or drive regularly at high rates of speed may need to have more frequent changes in not only engine coolant but other critical engine fluids.

So What is Right for Your Vehicle?

For most cars being driven in a “normal” manner, a good rule of thumb for replacing engine coolant is once every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Some cars that are not driven frequently, or are only going a few miles per day, can easily get away with a less frequent replacement of engine coolant. These vehicles may do fine with a 60,000-mile replacement schedule. This is a practical way of simplifying all of the mileage information that is available between car repair experts and manufactures. It is important to keep in mind that these suggestions are applicable only for vehicles that are not under a manufacturer’s warranty. If your vehicle is under warranty, make sure that you follow all recommended maintenance schedules so as to not void your warranty.

I Need the Best Fraser Automotive Repair Center Near Me!

Wading through the maintenance requirements for your car can be confusing and even daunting. Car Guys Auto Center in Fraser, MI  knows that most people are not car experts and can use quality advice and service suggestions for their vehicle. If your car needs a tune-up or you are having mechanical issues, call us today to schedule automotive repairs or maintenance.

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