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Car Exhaust Systems – How They Work and What Can You Do to Make Them Last Longer

Car Exhaust Systems – How They Work and What Can You Do to Make Them Last LongerPreviously, exhaust systems were made of poor quality materials that would rust over time. This meant that the exhaust system needed to be replaced very frequently. Nowadays, exhaust systems are made using high-quality metals which makes them last longer as compared to the previous car exhaust systems. With proper maintenance and care, you can save money by making your exhaust systems last for a long time without the need of replacing them.

Car Exhaust System Working

To maintain your car exhaust system you must pay attention to its working. You must have noticed water dripping out of the car’s exhaust pipe when it is started in the morning. That is because the exhaust system is very cold and the leftover water and carbon dioxide from the combustion of fuel gets condensed on the cold surface of the muffler. When this water combines with fuel that’s not completely burned, it forms an acidic mixture that corrodes the steel components of the car.

To save your car from this problem, avoid using your car for many short trips during the day. Instead, cover all your errands in one long trip. This will make sure that your car exhaust system fully warms up and all the water vapor and other components are dried. It will also save fuel because a cold engine uses more fuel than a warm one.

With the advancements in technology, catalytic converters have solved the problem of corrosion. They heat up the exhaust system to a level where the harmful vapors get evaporated and do not corrode the steel components.

What Damages a Modern Car Exhaust System?

A lot of bad habits of drivers cause damage to modern car exhaust systems. These habits include:

Not noticing the car engine light

The car engine light indicates that you must stop your vehicle and check the engine for faults. Usually, drivers ignore this light and keep on driving the car. This damages the exhaust system of the car and the owner has to pay a huge price for it.

Ignoring the flashing car engine light

When the car engine light starts flashing, it indicates that there is a serious problem with the engine. Driving while the light flashes can completely ruin the catalysts present inside the catalytic converter of your car. You’ll need to spend a huge amount of money on replacing the expensive catalytic converter. Moreover, the overheating might damage the pipes that are a part of the car exhaust system.

Mechanical Damage

Bumping your car into potholes or bumps can damage the exhaust system of your car. Also, if you drive your car on rough terrain, it can result in your exhaust system hanging on a rock.

A good idea is to invest in car exhaust system maintenance. It will make sure that your exhaust system is in a good condition. The technician will inspect the car exhaust system and make sure that the damages are repaired on time. Not taking your car for maintenance will result in a complete failure of your car exhaust system. It might lead to your car refusing to start when you have to leave for work or any other urgent chore.

Avoid the practices that will damage the exhaust system of your car and regularly take it to the mechanic for service so that you don’t have to face any problems. For further details and assistance, get in touch with our car experts today at (586) 285-4444. Car Guys Auto Center is located in Fraser, Michigan.

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