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All You Need to Know About Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Car Guys Auto - Fraser, MIWheel alignment ensures that the wheels of your car are in line with each other and with the car’s body. Improper alignment is a major hazard for your car’s safety. It will damage your car’s tires and make it difficult for you to steer your car properly, resulting in serious road accidents. By scheduling regular wheel inspection, you can make your tires last longer and reduce the risk of mishaps.

During the wheel alignment procedure, the car is placed on an alignment lift and special sensors are placed on each wheel. These sensors take measurements of the wheel from different angles and send the data to a computer where a technician compares the data to the original wheel alignment data of the car. The difference in measurements allows the technician to adjust the wheels and align them.

The technician should measure the tire pressure and adjust it before the wheel alignment procedure. Moreover, the professional should inspect the steering and suspension mechanism of the car to make sure that it is working perfectly. Once the technician is sure that all components are working perfectly, then they should start the procedure.

After alignment, the professional will hand over a wheel alignment report to you. It will illustrate the wheel angles before and after the process and the changes that have been made to the wheels of your car.

Why Should I Get Wheel Alignment Done?

The angles of your car’s wheel change over time that’s why you need to get them aligned regularly. It happens because over time the suspension system and your car’s tires wear away. Apart from that, wheel alignment is required after car accidents. If you’ve recently upgraded your car’s steering or suspension system then you should check your car’s tires for alignment.

What Are the Signs That Indicate Improper Alignment?

There are many noticeable symptoms that indicate improper wheel alignment. The first sign that you’ll notice is that your car is steering towards the left or the right side while driving straight. You’ll also notice that your steering wheel is not straight. Moreover, you will feel that your car is unstable and the tires screech while turning. If you notice any of these symptoms, then you must take your car to the service center for wheel alignment.

How Frequently Should I Get Wheel Alignment Done?

Usually, mechanics recommend getting a wheel alignment done after every 2-3 years. Apart from that, it depends on the condition of your car. For instance, if you’ve recently hit your car on a bump or installed new tires, it means you need to take your car to the mechanic for aligning the wheels.

What Are the Advantages of Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment will ensure that the suspension system steering components and wheels of your car last for a long time. Moreover, you’ll feel that your car is running smoothly and you will enjoy driving it.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment cost depends on the condition of your car and the type of car that you own. The prices usually range from $50-180. Look for a service center that offers great services at a reasonable price. This will ensure that you don’t end up paying a high cost for a poor wheel alignment service.

If you need further help on wheel alignment of your car, get in touch our experts at (586) 285-4444. They will answer all your questions and help you align your car’s wheels.

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