All-Season Tires or Winter Tires.  What’s the Ideal Tire for Your Vehicle?

All-Season Tires or Winter Tires.  What’s the Ideal Tire for Your Vehicle?

All-Season Tires or Winter Tires.  What’s the Ideal Tire for Your Vehicle?Most of us have heard the saying “Where the rubber meets the road”.  With Michigan’s winter just around the corner, it’s important your tires, in fact, meet the road!  With regular tire rotations, your vehicle’s tires should be wearing evenly, and you can hold off replacing them with a set of new tires. If you are considering purchasing new tires this fall, here are some benefits to consider between All-Season tires and Winter tires.

Benefits of Winter Snow Tires

The main benefit of a winter tire is the grip of drivers on snow or ice.  That is primarily due to the increased tread depth and pattern on the tire that gives it a biting edge when making sharp turns and a better grip on the road.  In 2017, Michigan State Police reported that there were more driving fatalities attributed to tire-related causes than cell phone distractions.  Winter tires allow you to stop 50% faster on ice and snow than all-season tires.  That is equivalent to stopping 2-3 car lengths sooner.

Benefits of All-Season Tires

All-Season tires have several benefits you should consider. They provide better performance when driving due to the tire physically weighing less.   This results in better gas mileage and savings for the consumer when compared to winter snow tires.  They work well on wet and dry roads and are more versatile when compared to winter tires.  They can handle a variety of road conditions but have limited capabilities on snow and ice.

Can you drive with winter snow tires all year long?

The short answer is “yes” but we do not recommend you do.  The fact is, winter tires will wear faster in warmer temperatures.  They are made with a different compound to provide that biting grip on the road we discussed earlier.  Ideally, they are only used in temperatures that remain below 45 degrees.  The softer tire won’t provide as good of handling as all-winter tires do.  You may find that braking, accelerating, and cornering have been compromised.   In the long run, you’ll find that having winter tires on your vehicle all year round will cost you money, not save you money!

What is the best option for Michigan drivers?

Swapping out your all-season tires for winter tires is the best solution for Michigan drivers.  It’s critical with Michigan’s harsh winters that your vehicle remains safe on the road.  In a recent article by AAA Michigan, they recommend swapping out tires twice a year and using Easter and Halloween as reminders to take your winter snow tires off and then back on.  Swapping to winter snow tires provide you maximum safety in the winter and better performance and cost savings when you swap back to all-season tires for the remainder of the year.

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