5 Tips to Save on New Tires in 2019

If you are anything like the vast majority of drivers out there, it probably crossed your mind to stop buying new tires and switch to used tires. You’ve probably realized that the exorbitant cost of new tires is not worth the investment. Fortunately, you can now save a great deal of money by being aware of certain tricks to save on tires in 2019. Thus, you’ll be able to buy original new tires and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Below are 6 tricks you can use today to save up to 50% on tires:

1. Take advantage of rebates: more and more manufacturers are now offering rebates or discounts. As an example, Goodyear is offering a wide range of rebates that can help you save on your tires in 2019.  To take advantage of rebates, check out the home pages of established brands like Michelin, Cooper Tires or Goodyear. You can find rebates for both new and used tires online, so keep your eyes open and expect the best.

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2. Time your purchase: in order to get the best deals possible, we also advise you to buy tires off-season. April and October are the months to choose for that. Of course, you’ll find plenty of sales and rebates all through the year, most companies offer tires at great prices in April when the weather turns warm and on October when the weather changes again and the cold season is coming.

3. Become a good friend with your mechanic: local mechanics make the most money on customers they know. They also repay their loyal customers by offering great deals on auto jobs, including tires. If you manage to befriend your mechanic, you’ll be able to get hundreds of dollars knocked off your tire bill. You might even get special discounts for premium tires and you might get calls from your mechanic with unique deals just for you.

4. Buy all four tires together: buying only one tire is definitely not the smartest way to save money on tires in 2019. A lot of service centers and online tire stores offer price reductions when you buy all four tires at once. You can also roam around your neighborhood and find car services that offer great deals for buying 4 used tires.

5. Don’t wait until the last minute: a smart thing to do when preparing to buy new tires in 2019 is to make sure you are not under stress to change the tires ASAP. This is probably the most effective way to save money on new tires because you won’t be at the mercy of the seller. You’ll have enough time to shop for tires and find the best deal available for you. Be proactive and purchase tires off-season and just mount them when the time comes.

With these 5 tips in mind, you are now ready to save quite a lot on tires in 2019. Keep your eyes open for great deals, both offline and online. Moreover, shop off-season and purchase your choice tires in advance. You’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars on tires in 2019 if you capitalize on multiple deals.

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