4 Things You Should Know About Wheel Alignment

4 Things You Should Know About Wheel AlignmentWheel alignment is crucial for your safety. Unattended car wheels can lead to dangerous road accidents. To prevent any such mishappening, its best to ensure that your car wheels are aligned. Keeping your car wheels in line with each other and the car’s body is a must-do for all the car owners. Along with ensuring your safety, the wheel alignment also keeps the tires safe. Improper alignment can damage your tires, whereas proper alignment can increase the tires’ life.

The Reason Behind Improper Wheel Alignment

The improper wheel alignment is a product of wear and tear. The angles of your car’s wheels changes with constant use. The alterations in the suspension system and age of your tire contribute to this shift in alignment.

Another common reason for an improper wheel alignment is an accident. After an accident, there is a high probability of improper wheel alignment. Accidents damage various components of your vehicle, including your car’s wheel.

Your car’s steering and suspension system have a direct link with the wheel alignment. So, if you ever get them changed or repaired, it could lead to improper wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Procedure

Wheel alignment is done under the supervision of professionals. The procedure employs expertise and technology to ensure that you and your car are safe. Before the process starts, the technician will check the different components of your car. From tire pressure to the suspension mechanism, the technician will critically examine everything. The procedure will start only after all other components are in proper sync.

The formula behind wheel alignment is to calculate the difference between the original measurements of the wheels and the current measurements of the wheels. These measurements are collected through special sensors. Your car is placed on an alignment lift, and sensors are attached. The technician will use the data collected from these sensors to adjust your wheels and ensure proper alignment.

The data collected will include the measurements of your car’s wheels from different angles. This helps the technician to fix the alignment accurately. There is almost no scope for error. You can also see the results numerically through the wheel alignment reports. It will include the relevant measurements before and after the wheel alignment procedure.

Cost Of Wheel Alignment

The cost will differ from cars to cars. The service centers will charge you based on the condition and model of your car. You have to select the service center wisely to get the value for your money.

Symptoms Of Improper Wheel Alignment

If you are facing any of the following issues, then it’s time to take your car for wheel alignment.

  • Your steering wheel is causing problems because it is not straight.
  • When you turn, you hear a screech from the tires.
  • You are unable to steer straight. Whenever you try, the car goes either left or right but never straight.
  • You are sensing instability in your car.

It is advisable to get the wheel-alignment done every 2-3 years. It will ensure your car’s safety.

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