10 Car Maintenance Myths You Should Be Aware Of

10 Car Maintenance Myths You Should Be Aware OfAll car owners receive advice and suggestions on what they can do to improve fuel efficiency, engine power, and the life of their car. It is, therefore, crucial for car owners to know what to believe and what to simply filter out. In this article, we tell you 10 often-heard car maintenance advice and suggestions that are actually incorrect.

#1 You Must Change Your Car’s Oil After Every 3,000 Miles

This is an idea often pushed by oil companies and lube shops. Most cars require an oil change after going 5,000 to 7,500 miles. In the last few years, the chemical composition of synthetic oils, as well as the superior engine design and performance of cars, have made it possible for cars to go many miles above the 3,000-mark before needing an oil change.

#2 You Must Change the Transmission Fluid After Every 50,000 Miles

People will also tell you that you must change your car’s transmission fluid every 50,000 miles. The truth is that one does not need to change transmission fluid for up to 100,000 miles. However, this number can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Thus, you must check your manufacturer’s recommendations for when you should change their transmission fluid.

#3 Using Premium Fuel Will Enhance the Life of Your Car

No, your car does not need premium fuel. Regular gasoline goes through strict quality checks and therefore, won’t harm your car’s engine. However, if you have an expensive sports car, you may need a higher octane gas to keep the turbocharged engines of your car in good shape.

#4 Your Engine Needs Warming up During the Cold Winter Season

Modern engines are different than old engines — they do not require warming up. Thus, when people tell you you must warm up the engine before going for a drive during the cold weather, do not listen to them. Simply starting your car and sitting in the garage with the engine on is equivalent to wasting money.

#5 Getting Your Vehicle Serviced at an Auto Shop Will End the Warranty

It does not matter where you got your car serviced, the warranty stands true until the expiration date. Many dealerships will tell you that for your car’s warranty to survive, you will have to get your car repaired and serviced only at a recognized dealership. However, that is not true. If the maintenance specified in the manual was done at the right time, the car will continue to be in warranty, irrespective of where you took your car for servicing.

#6 You Must Replace All the Four Tires at the Same Time

As long as you are constantly rotating your tires after every oil change, you shouldn’t worry about rotating them often. More importantly, just because you are replacing one tire, it does not mean you must replace all the tires at once.

#7 Batteries Get Fully Charged Immediately After Being Jumpstarted

If a battery had to be jumpstarted, it will easily take hours to get fully charged, especially if you live in a cold area. Once a car starts moving, the seats, radio, and lights consume a lot of energy and thus, the battery does not get enough energy to get charged.

# 8 Keep the AC Switched off for Better Fuel Efficiency

A lot of people will tell you that if you want your car to achieve high fuel efficiency, you must roll down the windows and keep the ac off. It is true that switching on the air conditioner will lead to more fuel usage. However, rolling down windows leads to increased wind resistance, which in turn, disrupts aerodynamic design. Thus, keeping the AC switched on and rolling down the windows is pretty much the exact same thing.

# 9 Your Call Fills in More Fuel During the Day

A funny misconception that people have is that filling fuel in the morning means you get more fuel. This misconception arises from the fact that gasoline expands with heat. Thus, during the day, when the temperature is high, people think they get less gasoline in their car. However, gas is stored under the ground. Thus, it stays insulated from outside, and therefore, the time of the day and the temperature does not impact at all the amount of oil you are receiving.

#10 Wash Your Car with Dish Soap for Best Results

Some people will also tell you that you must wash your car with dish soap to save money and get better shine. However, soap and detergents damage a car’s wax finish. Thus, do not listen to people and damage your car. Instead, either go for a good car-wash liquid or get a professional to wash your car.

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