Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary for New Tires?

Tire Rotation, New Tires, Tire BalanceQuick answer: Not necessary but very, very wise. But let’s start at the beginning.

You knew you were pushing your old tires for a while. You knew this because it had been quite a few years and a whole lot of miles since you bought new tires. You were aware of the tread depth and you noticed cracks in the sidewalls.

So you crossed the line and made a very sound investment in your car and your safety by purchasing new tires. Now, at least that aspect of your vehicle is maintenance-free for a while, right? Well, not really.

Even though your tires are brand new, you still want to make sure that they’re angled correctly not only with the road but also with each other. Believe it or not, even new tires can give you a rocky ride if they’re not aligned.

Furthermore, since you want to get the most from your tires and your money, you want to extend their lifespan as long as possible. And, as an added bonus, properly aligned tiers can help get you better gas mileage.

Like most things, the lifespan of your tires is directly related to proper, timely maintenance. In other words, get as many miles as you can from your new tires right from the start.

Here are a few other tips you should know about alignments.

It’s best to have all four tires aligned. This is especially true for most vehicles on the road today – vans, small SUVs and cars. While some cars can just get their front wheels aligned, those that do also should have their rear wheels checked at that time.

So, all four tires should be aligned but if – for some reason – that’s not possible – align the front wheels and have your mechanic check the rear axle.

It’s highly recommended to get your tires aligned about once a year. The frequency of alignments you may need is tied to the road and climate conditions you drive in and the type of vehicle you have.

If you drive mostly in areas with rough, pot-holey roads or roads under heavy construction, you’ll need to pay attention to your tires than those who drive in smoother, less demanding road conditions.

Your owner’s manual should guide you as to how often your particular make and model should get a wheel alignment.

But, besides when you’re supposed to perform this maintenance, what other signs indicate it’s time for an alignment?

If you hear any type of noise that suggests your tires are low on air. This noise is distinct from other car noises and sounds like the tires are kind of “slapping” the road.

If your car gets jarred from hitting any type of hole or rough patch of road.

If you feel your car veering from one side to the other.

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