How to Defrost Car Windows And Other Winter Conundrums

How to Defrost Car Windows And Other Winter ConundrumsWhile snowfall can be highly appealing to the eye, it does come with its fair share of problems, especially a logistical issue if you are looking to drive from one area to another. Snow, ice, cold weather as well as the chemicals used to melt them can all cause undesirable effects on your car.

But problems don’t just end there! If you improperly remove these impediments from your car, the chances are only high that you’ll cause costly and long-lasting damage to your vehicle. And this is why you will want to equip yourself with any relevant knowledge regarding how to deal with some of the problems that the weather presents during the winter season. Enhance your knowledge with the following answers to vital winter car maintenance questions:

So, how do you perfectly and efficiently defrost your car’s windows?

First and foremost, you’ll have to ensure the heater is functioning optimally. If your car’s engine is not attaining the desired operating temp, the defroster will become fairly less effective. And you will have to adjust the climate control setting to full defrost as opposed to bi-level. This will help concentrate optimal airflow toward the windshield. And if in any case, your vehicle has the option, the defroster should be set on fresh air but not on the re-circulated air setting.

So, how can you eliminate snow without causing any damage to your car?

You can use a snow brush that features a relatively long handle, also known as a snow rake. Then clean from the center and either pull or push the snow. It is imperative to note that doing this before the snow changes into ice may prevent causing damage to the paint. Make sure you clean the entire body of the car, including the lights, license plates as well as hood.

So, how does salt cause damage to your car and how can you curb this problem?

Sodium chloride, or simply salt, as well as other road chemicals, can potentially speed up the process of rusting. To curb this, you should always eliminate any collected salt from your car as soon as you can. Flushing using clean water is highly recommended. During the cold season, a routine undercarriage wash may help remove any collected salt, sand, and other chemicals used to de-ice the roads.

If your vehicle is covered with salt, stubborn brine, or any other chemical products, you should pack your car in the garage! In case you were not aware, the warm air will accelerate the corrosion process. Wash and dry your car before you put it inside your garage. You’ll also need to take care of any paint damage before the exposed parts start to rust.

So, what is the most appropriate and effective way to de-ice your vehicle?

If you can open your car’s door and get inside the car, go ahead and do so! Start the car to allow it to somehow warm-up and start melting the ice.

As a precaution though, don’t use sharp-edged objects, or a shovel to remove the ice. A robust plastic ice scraper can get the job done. Another viable option would be to hit the ice with a snow broom once the car starts to heat up and lightly thaw. What’s more, you can use an aerosol ice remover spray to remove the ice. However, note that this product features alcohol, which can potentially remove wax from your car’s paint.

If my car’s door is frozen-shut, what should be the appropriate measure to undertake?

It is highly advisable that you don’t use hot water on the door! While this could prove effective to some extent, you could be adding more water into your car, which will highly likely freeze inside!

First and foremost, try all the doors if possible. And if yours is an SUV, you can try the hatch. The chances are that one of the doors may function. You also don’t want to yank on the doors because they can easily break. You can try spraying a de-icer or using a hairdryer to melt the ice. And once the door opens, wipe down all the rubber gaskets before spraying them with some silicon to eliminate any moisture to ensure the door doesn’t freeze again. If possible, you should do this at least a few times every year!


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