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A Pre-Winter Guide to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Season

A Pre-Winter Guide to Prepare Your Vehicle for the SeasonWinters are just around the corner. Driving generally becomes trickier during wintery months and things can only go south if the vehicle is not in optimal working condition. For that matter, it is important to have a pre-winter inspection and maintenance routine for your car so that you can easily ‘steer through’ the chilly spell.

Inspect Brakes and Tires

During the chilly weather, and particularly if there is a snowfall in the area, car tires face difficulties in gripping the road if they are not in good shape. This also affects the braking mechanism of the vehicle. So, have your vehicle’s tires and brakes inspected during the fall. Many car maintenance facilities do this type of inspection without charging a dime. You can identify some issues on your own.

– If the wear bars of tires are exposed then your car is in need of the replacement
– Regularly check and maintain tire pressure because it drops with plummeting temperatures

Inspect Lights

In winters, drivers at times need to switch on lights during the daytime too. Therefore, each and every vehicle light should be in its working condition. Just walk around the car and check if headlights, taillights, emergency flashers, brake lights, and parking lights are working properly. If not, have them checked from professionals.

Inspect Wiper Blades

Drivers only realize the importance of wipers when they have to drive during snowfall or heavy rain. Wipers with cracked and worn out rubber blades are not able to adequately perform the job. Instead of experiencing this issue firsthand, it will be better to check blade rubbers now and replace them if they have completed their functional life.

Inspect Window Defrosters and Heaters

You would not be able to move your car more than a few feet if its window defrosters are not working and there is a snowfall outside. Similarly, car interior with a faulty heater will only turn the whole commute into an excruciating experience during winters. So, when you are preparing your car for the season, don’t forget to check and maintain these two important vehicle apparatus.

Check the Battery

Car ignition needs more power during frosting temperatures. Therefore, make sure that your car battery is fully charged and the charging system is in working condition. It will be better to take your car to a professional technician for this inspection.

Besides these winter-specific inspections and adjustments, some regular inspections are also necessary to prepare your car for the season.

-Have professionals to check the components under the hood. You never know if some part there might need fixing or replacement.
-It will also be better to replace oil and air filters before the start of the season.
-Also, check and refill the coolants in the overflow tank. The better approach is to check all the fluid levels of the car (transmission, brakes etc)
-Lastly, have a good car wash and service to make your driving experience more fulfilling

To have your car prepared by taking care of all the above-mentioned checks, repairs and replacements, get in touch with Car Guys Auto Center. Expert technicians of the company have enough expertise to make your vehicle ready for the upcoming winter.  Give us a call at (586) 285-4444.


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