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Better Tires For A Better Price!

You might be asking yourself what the difference between tires sold by Car Guys Auto Center and those offered by the big box stores are (i.e. Bell Tire and Discount Tire)? The difference is we don’t just sell you the tires that are in stock and on sale, we sell you the tires that are best for your situation, budget and vehicle. Our prices are comparable to and often unbeatable by the competition. Apple to apple, we sell you better tires for a better price. We also offer the same optional insurance as the big box stores.

Customers will sometimes come in with tires that are very worn in certain areas and profess how they have “Just had those tires replaced”, and come to find out they had purchased those brand new tires from a place like Discount Tire, the big box tire store that ONLY replaces tires. When you purchase from them you run the risk of a much more serious problem, like with your vehicle’s steering or suspension, going undiagnosed. This can cost you big bucks in the long run, with the same “tire trouble” often repeating itself. When you come to Car Guys for new tires, we don’t just sell them to you and send you out the door. We inspect the well-being of your vehicle and make sure that your wheel alignment, steering and suspension are in tiptop shape. We take note of and address potential problems so that you, the customer, aren’t just throwing money away for a set of tires that simply won’t hold up.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap tire or one to last, Car Guys Auto Center has got you covered. Our entire inventory and tire selection, with pricing and more, is available online at the “Tires” tab of or by clicking here.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to save from costly repairs. There has been an increase of preventable mechanical problems. First and foremost remember to change your oil, we replaced two engines last month due to poor maintenance. Oil changes, as well as all your other filters and fluids are some of the most common overlooked items. If you use most drive through oil change shops, your car is not getting the attention it deserves. While some may be OK in a pinch, most of these places are only interested in selling a few easily replaced, overpriced items and sending you on your way. An oil change is not what it used to be. Today’s cars are quite technically advanced, draining some oil and spinning on a new filter and refilling the oil is no longer enough. At Car Guys Auto Center we offer a comprehensive inspection with every oil change done by a State certified mechanic, not some kid out of high school. I can’t begin to count the vehicles that come in for their first oil change here only to find out the “15 minute oil change” shop has not been greasing the undercarriage or anything else that is included in a “real oil change”.  With today cars you really need a licensed mechanic to service your car. The choice is yours but remember this, saving $5.00 now could cost you $2000.00 to $3000.00 in repairs in the future. That is the risk you take. Would you let someone perform surgery on you without a proper license? Why should your car or truck deserve any less. Car Guys Auto Center–Now located in Fraser– Macomb County

Car Guys Auto Center in Fraser, Michigan Welcomes You

Michigan Spring is here and Summer is near make sure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer days and not strand you on the road. We take pride in our service and can keep your automobile in tip top shape. Auto Repair is more complicated then ever in todays Cars and Trucks at Car Guys we can tackle any job and are always up for the challenge. Come check out our 16,000 sq foot facility.

Ring and Pinion special

Has your vehicle developed a howling noise, or even a growling noise? It may be over due for a differential service, one of the most over looked scheduled maintance services. We are currently offering a  Differential special inspection @ $49.95 includes fluid change and cleaning of differential and inspection of tolerances & wear. Save big on costly repairs.

Fraser, Michigan Pot Hole Special $15.00 – Tire Rotation, Brake Inspection and Suspension

Car Guys Auto Center in Fraser, Michigan (Macomb County) is having a sale on

  • Tire Rotation
  • Brake Inspection
  • Suspension

Car Guys Auto Center is located at 32639 Groesbeck in Fraser Michigan. Our phone is 586-285.4444.

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